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By | November 23rd, 2010

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New posts

Confused and abused by the TSA
Just a few days before the busy holiday travel period, the Transportation Security Administration has decided to change the rules of flying – again.

Can this trip be saved? Enterprise blacklisted me for a cracked bumper
Mary Dampier’s rental from Alamo was problem-free until she returned the vehicle to San Francisco International Airport.

How to survive a flight on National Opt-Out Day
Now what? The TSA won’t change the way it screens passengers, even when threatened with a major protest action on one of the busiest air travel days of the year.

Some airlines refunding tickets for passengers who fear pat-downs
Sommer Gentry had plans to fly from Baltimore to Charlotte next month. But after she heard about the TSA’s invasive new scanning and pat-down procedures, she decided to cancel.

A surprising 70 percent of air travelers support National Opt-Out Day
Despite the government’s insistence that American air travelers broadly support its new airport security measures — which include either a full-body scan or a so-called “enhanced” pat-down — a weekend poll by the Consumer Travel Alliance finds public sentiment has turned against the policy.

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Myth or fact? TSA can’t seem to get it straight
So the Transportation Security Administration wants to “get everybody on the same page with the facts” about its new security procedures by posting a roundup of rumors to dispel.

TSA sends defiant “holiday travel message” to air travelers: Prepare to be patted down
TSA this afternoon sent a defiant “holiday travel message” to air travelers: Prepare to be patted down.

These TSA videos will make you laugh until you cry
Turns out our federal screeners are good at one thing: making us laugh. Here are just a few of the videos making the rounds.

Congress calls on TSA to review pat-downs as agency backs off crew screening
The days of the Transportation Security Administration’s controversial “enhanced” pat-downs may be numbered.


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