4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85034

(800) 428-4322
(480) 693-2341
(480) 693-2196
Central baggage resolution (for bags missing more than 5 days) (866) 874-3931

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This isn’t the same US Airways you might remember from a few years ago. You know, the one that was in and out of bankruptcy, with chronic customer service complaints. At least it’s not supposed to be. The new US Airways is essentially America West (it merged with US Airways in 2005) flying under the US Airways name. When it comes to customer service, you are left with the impression that it is trying hard to shed its old, “couldn’t-care-less” image that US Airways worked years to develop. How is it working? Only time will tell.

If you have a customer complaint, please read this before contacting the company.

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Primary contact

John Romantic
Director, customer relations
4000 E. Sky Harbor Boulevard
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Secondary contact (*)

Robert Isom
Chief operating officer
(480) 693-6775

Chief executive (*)

Doug Parker
Chairman, president and chief executive officer
(480) 693-6775

Update: (Feb. 15, 2010) A US Airways insider comments —

The fastest route for response will always be direct contact to Customer Relations. The web form has the ability to triage and prioritize many types of customers (specials needs, Elite level, “call me” requests). The standard email address does not. So I would strongly recommend replacing with our web form link which is:

Additionally the executive email is no longer used and would suggest replacing with something like this:

“The fastest route to receive a response from US Airways is to use their contact information on the web site which is Writing directly to company executives may not be the quickest route so give their customer service professionals the opportunity to serve your needs first.”

By way of background, sending to executives directly will result in a slower response time. No matter where anyone writes to within the company, the email will ultimately end up in Customer Relations. Only Customer Relations has the tools to investigate the situation, determine the best solution and write the best response. Writing directly to Customer Relations is the fast track to getting a response. Emails sent to exec addresses take longer for us to respond because the email takes the long route to Customer Relations.

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This information has been collected from publicly-available resources and is believed to be accurate at the time of the last update. If any of this information is inaccurate, please e-mail me.

* Executives should only be contacted when your letter or email has not been acknowledged within six to eight weeks.