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225 Brae Boulevard
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

(201) 307-2000
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How to get through to an operator:
Press no keys. Wait for operator.

Hertz Worldwide Customer Relations
P.O. Box 26120
Oklahoma City, OK 73126
(800) 654-4173
(888) 777-6095 and press 3 at first prompt


Hertz has a better-than-average reputation for customer service, although recent efforts to collect new fees from its drivers have made a dent in it. Still, the company does far better than many other car rental companies.

If you have a customer complaint, please read this before contacting the company.

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Primary e-mail

[email protected]

Primary contact

Brian Dickerson
Staff vice president, worldwide customer services administration
[email protected]
(201) 307-2000

Secondary contact

Joseph F. Eckroth
Senior Vice President, Global Customer Care and Chief Information Officer
[email protected]

Chief executive (*)

Mark P. Frissora
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
[email protected]
(201) 307-2000

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This information has been collected from publicly-available resources and is believed to be accurate at the time of the last update. If any of this information is inaccurate, please e-mail me.

* Executives should only be contacted when your letter or email has not been acknowledged within six to eight weeks.


  1. John Wittersheim August 11, 2010 at 3:54 pm - Reply

    Just a quick note to tell you about one of your personell at Denver Intl. at the Hertz Rental area. Her name is Arana. I did not get the last name(security?). I was pleasantly surprised with het attiude towards the customer in front of me and then she continued her smile and helpfulness with me. I have had some nice interfaces with your people before but this was the most helpful, aware and friendly one I have dealt with. Please make her supervisor aware of this.I don’t know if you need this info or not but the rental agreement was RR379598800. Date was 7/27/10. Sorry about the delay in sending this, I just found out how to contact you.

    Thank you
    John Wittersheim

  2. arthur fischer February 10, 2011 at 12:11 pm - Reply

    I’m not very pleased with the car or service at the airport Hertz in Cozumel, Mex. between 1/31/11 and 2/7/11.
    a) the car had no spare. I was told that I could exchange it at the Fiesta Americana for another car. It was not available!
    b) 3 hours later a new car was brought to me at the Aura, Cozumel. Nobody showed me how to use the car-and the controls were very different. Had to stop someone with a similar small Chevy to find out how to turn on a/c. There was no owner manual either.
    c)Instead of being credited for the day that I waited for a replacement and all the driving I had done , I was told that I had to add 1/8 tank to the replacement car.

  3. Dollar Rent A Car February 15, 2011 at 9:36 pm - Reply

    [...] A Car, Inc. is a subsidiary of Dollar Thrify Automotive Group, but this information will change as Hertz has just acquired Dollar [...]

  4. Zen June 10, 2011 at 1:08 am - Reply

    Status: Connected

     Martha Y: Hi,
    my name is Martha Y. If you have a Billing question or need to contact Customer
    Service, call 1-800-654-4173.  Otherwise how may I help you navigate

     Nancy : I
    wanted to get my account upgraded.

     Nancy : I
    have rented 17 times this year and I saw on the website you can get 5 Star if
    you rented 10

     Nancy : 


     Martha Y: that
    is done at the end of the year, It’s start on 01012011 and will be done
    12312011, and hertz will automatically upgrade you.

     Nancy : How
    can I get upgraded for 2011?

     Martha Y: on

     Nancy : Yes
    but I want it to begin today?  Is there a fee for that?

     Martha Y:

     Nancy : No
    there is no fee?  or no i cannot get upgraded now?

     Martha Y: no
    to all of it

     Nancy : On
    your website it reads… “The annual membership fee is $60.”  Do
    you get anything for $60?  

     Martha Y: gold
    is for express service , so you do not have to go into the counter,and
     courtsey upgrades if available

     Nancy : How
    do i go about getting the Gold service?

     Nancy :
    Would it start today?

     Martha Y: log
    in anc click upgrade to gold 

     Nancy : I am
    logged in, I do not see “upgrade to gold”?  Can you tell me
    where it is?

     Martha Y: no

     Martha Y: log

  5. Pawdon_me July 22, 2011 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    Getting any sort of response from Hertz Corporate regarding a poor experience has been a MUCH greater challenge than I might have anticipated.

  6. J. Vrij (The Netherlands) April 19, 2012 at 3:12 pm - Reply

    Dear Sir,


    First of all, I would like to
    apologize for my limited knowledge of the English language. I am from The
    Netherlands, and I had to use dictionaries and the internet to translate this
    letter into English. Moreover, you might not be the right person to address my
    official complaint about the way I have been treated by HERTZ Israel. If so,
    would you please be so kind to forward this email to someone who might be able
    to help me, or to inform me to whom I am supposed to address my


    My name is Johannes Vrij, my
    address is Marshof 31, 6215 VS Maastricht, The Netherlands. On February 1, 2011,
    I made a reservation for a rental car, via the website of Auto Escape. I rented
    a FIAT DOBLO A/C (or similar), reference number P0131X7564. Pick-up date was
    03-04-2011, drop-off date 15-04-2011, pick-up and drop-off location TEL AVIV BEN
    GURION AIRPORT, and the number of the rental agreement is 2073484. I paid the
    total amount in advance, by credit card, and Auto Escape emailed me a


    During the rental period, I got
    involved in a car accident. While waiting and standing still for a checkpoint, I
    was hit from behind by another car. I have made photos of the damage on the
    rental car, photos of the car that hit me (including the number plate!) and
    photos of its driver. The driver was not willing to identify himself, but
    fortunately I have three witnesses. After the accident I contacted HERTZ to
    report the accident and to ask what to do. Because the damage was very minor –
    no essential parts were hit, only the paint on the right backside of the car was
    damaged – the rental car didn’t need to be replaced. The day after I went to the
    police office to report the accident and to ask for an official police report on


    When I returned the car, the
    employee who checked the status of the car didn’t even notice the damage! He
    handed the papers over to me and said that everything was okay. I myself had to
    draw his attention to the damage! In the office, I handed over all the
    documents, including the police report. I even offered to make a copy of the
    photos, but the receptionist assured me it wasn’t necessary, because the number
    plate of the car that has hit me, was already mentioned in the police report. So
    I asked whether HERTZ needed any additional information from me and whether
    there were any consequences. The answer was negative, because the accident
    wasn’t my fault and because I had already done everything that I was supposed to
    do (reporting the accident as soon as possible to HERTZ and to the


    I was completely astonished that on
    August 7, 2011, almost four months after the drop-off date, and without any
    further notice, HERTZ charged me an additional 518,41 USD. Because – in my
    opinion – this had to be a mistake, I contacted HERTZ Israel and asked for an


    On December 18, my request was
    being answered by Mr. Igor Berlin ([email protected]). He
    asked me for the photos we had made of the car accident. He told me he needed
    the pictures to check if the third party could be sued for causing the damage.
    (After more than eight months??? What has HERTZ Israel been doing during all
    that time???). Unfortunately, my colleague had deleted all the pictures except
    one (because they were not needed when we returned the car). I emailed the photo
    to Israel.


    Because HERTZ Israel refused – and
    still refuses – to pay back the money they have ‘stolen’ from me and my
    colleagues, I asked Mr. Berlin for copies of the official damage report and the
    specified bill of the car repair. And again, HERTZ Israel refused. The only
    document they were willing to send to me, was a handwritten note from Mr.
    Berlin, mentioning the total amount and containing a stamp of HERTZ Israel. Such
    a ‘document’ is of no use at all! Till now, I still don’t know whether or not
    the damage on the car is really repaired, by whom, and what the total repair
    costs are (and – even more important – why I am supposed to pay for that


    But there is more. I also have been
    charged by HERTZ Israel 16% VAT over the costs of the damage – they call it
    ‘Excess’- and the airport service fee (243,95 EUR in total), but also over the
    total costs of the car rent, paid by me to Auto Escape, on February 1, 2011
    (557,14 EUR). But that sum included already 17% BTW (= VAT in The Netherlands)!
    And I can prove that statement, because it is printed on the voucher that Auto
    Escape emailed me: “This rate includes: VAT 17% inclusive”. This means that I
    have paid 16% + 17% = 33% VAT in total (and even more, because HERTZ Israel also
    charged 16% VAT over the 17% VAT I already had paid). And again, Mr. Igor Berlin
    refuses to pay me back.


    One more detail. The bill that Mr.
    Igor Berlin emailed to me, was made up both in Israeli (NIS) and in European
    currency (EUR). But instead of charging me in either NIS or in EUR, Mr. Berlin
    converted the Israeli shekels into US dollars (USD) – I don’t have or use US
    dollars – after which my bank had to convert the US dollars back into euro’s.
    And of course, both exchange costs were mine too!


    I am convinced that I have done
    nothing wrong. We got hit from behind by another car, while we were standing
    still. I immediately reported the accident to HERTZ Israel and it took us a
    whole day of our holiday to get an official police report. I have three
    witnesses of the collision; two of them made pictures of the driver, his car and
    the cars license plate. What could I have done more? When I rented the car, the
    taxes (17% BTW) were included, it is stated on the voucher. When I returned the
    car, the receptionist told me that my credit card would only be charged with the
    costs of the airport service fee (I knew that and I agreed to it, because that
    is also stated on the voucher). We really don’t understand what is happening
    now. I do hope that you can imagine that we feel ‘robbed’ by HERTZ. Is this
    really the way HERTZ treats its customers? Please, help me, because
    corresponding with Mr. Igor Berlin makes no longer sense!


    I can email you all the documents
    and a survey of the complete correspondence, if you wish me to do


    Sincerely yours,


    Hans Vrij

    The Netherlands

  7. Llydia003 July 24, 2012 at 3:35 am - Reply

    Folks — Read this wiki and follow their recommendations…it works.  I had a terrible experience with Hertz-BWI, Hertz-Frederick, and customer service. Write a well written email with RR number, names, locations, times, etc.  You should receive a reply from someone…I did.  It’s important that we as customers make the executives aware of what is happening with their operations.    

  8. Graham July 30, 2012 at 6:51 am - Reply

    Your employee Dalwinda Uppal at East Midlands Airport UK last month called the Police claiming Racial Abuse because I could not pronounce her name. Police found no case to answer and explained Dalwinda Uppal was stressed. Fine for me to have my character defamed and the humiliation of a Police interview. Hertz response “they owe Dalwinda Uppal adity of care”. Multicultural Brtitain, the olympic host, has gone mad. pleanty of other car hire companies out there.

  9. A Disgruntled Five Star Gold C February 12, 2013 at 2:17 pm - Reply

    To whom it may concern.

    This is the second time I have experienced this situation with hertz. I picked up may car and was charged the standard $200 deposit plus the cost of the rental. 1 day later I was charged an additional $200 on the first occasion and nearly $300.00 on the second occasion. I’m a small business owner and use my gold club membership mostly for business, so as you can imagine funds are tight.

    I say that to say this on both occasion I was over charged by hertz I was out of town and unable to check into my hotel room because of the double charges. I called hertz customer care to have the situation rectified and I was made to feel as if the entire incident was some how my fault an hertz had no responsibility whats so ever. After over a hour of back and forth I was finally offered $50.00 worth of hertz coupons and told to be happy I was even getting that because ” it’s not hertz’s policy to do anything about credit card issues”. To add insult to injury I never received the coupons in the mail . I called hertz customer care again to ask about the $50.00 worth of coupons and was told they had never been sent out and assured they were being mailed that day. Roughly 1.5 weeks later I still haven’t received the $50.00 worth of coupons so I called hertz customer care once again and was told “the coupons were probably lost in the mail and there was nothing hertz could do about it”. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for a while and the rep came back and told me hertz would give me 200 gold club points and thats all hertz was willing to do. To sum this up I was double charged by hertz which resulted in me sleeping in my car and hertz offered me 200 gold club points and not so much as an apology for the inconvenience. In spite of that I decided to continue doing business with hertz. Lo and behold the very next time I rent a car with hertz the exact same thing a happens again. I’m on a business trip and I get to the hotel and I’m told my card is denied. I go online to check my account and once again hertz has charged me the standard $200.00 plus rental cost and an additional $271.00 and I didn’t even have the car anymore. I call hertz customer care to fix the problem but I’m told there is nothing that could done that night. This time I didn’t even have the car to sleep in and ended up sleeping on the train with my luggage and eventually ending up at the airport a whopping 10 hours before my flight left because I had no where else to go. I called hertz customer service and was eventually offered what comes to 2 free rental days and once again I was treated as if it was all on me and hertz held no blame in the situation. Before this I never thought about going with another rental car company for my business needs but after the level of disrespect and sheer apathy hertz has shown me in these 2 situations, 2 situations where the only thing I did wrong was renting from hertz I’m seriously considering taking my business elsewhere. This is my last attempt at giving hertz a chance to make this right with a once extremely loyal customer. I hope this email reaches some one who can make some changes to the way hertz treats its so called “preferred customers”.


    A Disgruntled Five Star Gold Club Member

  10. Frank October 9, 2013 at 1:54 am - Reply

    Manager Tim Cumberly (Plano location at 4006 W Plano Parkway in Plano, TX 75093) committed fraud against my elderly mom when she rented a car at this location.

    This manager Tim told my mom, THREE different times, that she did NOT have to fill her tank up before returning her car because the gas was covered by insurance. This was of course, a lie, and after returning the rental she was charged $80 to fill up the gas tank which was only a quarter tank low..

    Also when my mom picked up her rental this manager, Tim, told her to sign the paperwork in front of her or she would not get the rental. At NO time was ANY of the paperwork explained to her so she apparently signed a collision insurance form and her bank account was charge about $140.

    The last thing this manager Tim told my mom when she returned her rental was that she did not need her receipt so he THREW IT AWAY INTO THE TRASH CAN!!

    What kind of person would take advantage of an elderly woman like this? My mom lives on a fixed income and cannot afford to be conned like this.

    After doing a lot of research online I have found that Hertz makes MILLIONS doing this to unsuspecting customers all over the world…these multi-billion dollar corporations are OUT OF CONTROL!!

  11. Financial Peace - HP webOS Forum January 26, 2014 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    […] have appealed this to someone higher up at Hertz I list the names of its executives on my website (Hertz Car Rental) but time was running out. From the looks of it,louis vuitton frankfurt, someone just wasn t paying […]

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