1 Dell Way MS 8210
Round Rock, TX 78682
1-800-WWW-DELL (1-800-999-3355)
1-800-624-9896 (Toll Free)
1-800-624-9897 (Home and Office Support)
Fax: (512) 283-6161

How to get through to a person.
Press “3” at prompt and then say “agent” after each additional prompt.


Dell is a company that sells computers, printers, home office and business office equipment. Dell has received many complaints about their sales and advertising techniques, problems with the products and services and warranty guarantees.  Dell is currently making restitution to customers who have incurred additional costs due to Dell’s failure to comply with “next day” on-site repairs, pay out rebates, fulfill warranty agreements and fulfill advertised Dell Preferred Account discounts from April 1, 2005 on. If you are seeking restitution, contact your state Attorney General. Dell also has a battery recall. Call (866)-342-0011 for more information.

Customer service resources

Battery recall site
Dell customer support page
Dell technical support
Dell live chat



Primary contact

Paul Bell
President, Public & Large Enterprise
(512) 338-4400

Secondary contact

Ronald Garriques
President, Communications Sector
(512) 338-4400

Chief executive(*)

Michael Dell
Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO
(512) 338-4400

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* Executives should only be contacted when your letter or email has not been acknowledged within six to eight weeks.