1701 JFK Blvd
Comcast Center
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Telephone: (215) 286-1700 or (215) 665-1700
Toll free: (800) 266-2278/ (800)-Comcast
Fax: (215) 981-7790

How to get through to an operator:

Dial (800) 266-2278.

If you have a customer complaint, please read this before contacting the company.

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Comcast Cares Team
Steve Teow Comcast Customer Cares
Bill Gerth Comcast Customer Cares

Primary e-mail

Customer service email: [email protected]
Corporate email: [email protected]

Primary contact

William (Bill) Gerth
Comcast Cares
[email protected]
(215) 286-1700


Robert Sacunas
Director, National Customer Operations at Comcast
[email protected]
(215) 286-1700

Secondary contact

Mike Decandido
Senior Vice President, Call Center Operations
[email protected]
(reports to Rick Germano.)
(215) 286-1700


Rick Germano
Senior Vice President of Customer Operations at Comcast
Form email
[email protected]
(215) 286-1700

Chief executive (*)

Brian L. Roberts
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Comcast Corporation
[email protected]

This information has been collected from publicly-available resources and is believed to be accurate at the time of the last update. If any of this information is inaccurate, please email me.

* Executives should only be contacted when your letter or email has not been acknowledged within six to eight weeks.