*Note* – The merger between American Airlines and US Airways begins on Dec. 9, 2013.  Until the merger is completed, and all the dust has settled, elliott.org will maintain two consumer pages.  To visit the page for US Airways, please click here.

4333 Amon Carter Boulevard
Fort Worth, TX 76155

(817) 963-1234
(800) 433-7300

How to get through to an operator:
Dial 00, then say “agent”.

Social media

Other contacts

Baggage Department: (800) 535-5225

Fax: (817) 963-9641

Customer relations

PO Box 619612 Maildrop 2400
Dallas Fort Worth Airport
TX 75261-9612
Telephone: (817) 967-2000, a pre-recorded line only.
Fax: (817) 967-4162

Overnight mail

4255 Amon Carter Blvd
Maildrop 2400
Fort Worth, TX 76155-2603


American Airlines is in the process of merging with US Airways. Its customer-service scores are at an historic low, and we are receiving an unprecedented number of complaints about the carrier.

If you have a customer complaint, please read this before contacting the company.

Customer service resources

Primary e-mail

According to American Airlines, there is no general e-mail address that is monitored. It prefers all inquiries to be sent to its form, but you can also try [email protected]

Primary contacts

Sean Bentel
Director of Customer Relations
(817) 967-2116
[email protected]

Chief executive (*)

Doug Parker
Chairman, president and chief executive officer
(480) 693-6775
[email protected]

*Note: With the merger, emails sent to a usairways.com address will reroute to AA.

Notes from the company:

American tells us e-mailing its executives is the slowest way to get a response from the carrier. Slower than sending it a letter. Slower than using a carrier pigeon.  They also kindly request customers not “carpet bomb” their emails, meaning, sending the initial message to the entire listing of email addresses here.  Start with one person, then move you way up the chain of command, should you find the prior attempt at resolution wasn’t to your satisfaction.

This information has been collected from publicly-available resources and is believed to be accurate at the time of the last update. If any of this information is inaccurate, please e-mail me.

* Executives should only be contacted when your letter or email has not been acknowledged within six to eight weeks.