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Why won’t American refund my flight?

After Geoff Shaughnessy’s flight from Chicago to Palm Beach is canceled, he’s rebooked on another carrier. Oh wait – not […]

Why can’t I get my Disney dining credits?

It seems everyone but Jennifer Holdman and her family are getting “free” Disney dining credits on their next theme park […]

Why the #%@** doesn’t my power outlet work?

The auxiliary power outlet in Robert Mitchell’s rental car doesn’t work. Was it intentionally disabled, and if so, why wasn’t […]

His friend is gone and so is his ticket refund

When Bob Gyurci’s friend dies, he expects the airfare refund to be fast and problem-free. But it isn’t. The money […]

A long, strange car rental damage claim

After the tire on her rental car blows out, Mary Carol Rose gets a bill from Hertz. But should she […]

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    My sister is in the ICU – can United Airlines keep my money?

My sister is in the ICU – can United Airlines keep my money?

When Patricia McConkey’s sister ends up in the intensive care unit, she has to cancel her cruise. Royal Carribean

I canceled my hotel but was charged anyway

Bob McIntyre is being billed $383 for a hotel room he never used. Now, both his online travel agent and […]