A weekly feature in which I ask readers if I should mediate a case.

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    Missed my uncle’s funeral – how about a refund, American?

Missed my uncle’s funeral – how about a refund, American?

If Bonnie Kaster didn’t know that an airline’s published schedule is meaningless, she does now.

Send this lady the whale guarantee letter

If you've ever been to Vancouver in the summer, you probably know that you have to see the whales.

Can I write a happy ending to this Celebrity horror story?

If they gave an award for the longest complaint letter, then Cornelia Stumpf’s missive to Celebrity Cruises would definitely be […]

Alaska Airlines bumped a real American hero – should I get involved?

It's not every day that you hear from a real American hero like Chuck Yeager. Yes, the Chuck Yeager. It turns out he and his wife, Victoria, catch my syndicated column in The Sacramento Bee.

I want a full refund for this Mexico vacation

Marnie Bute didn't enjoy the Mexican getaway she booked through Sun Country Vacations. Actually, that may be an understatement. She hated it and she wants every penny refunded.

Hey, this “award” ticket has a missing leg!

Is an “award” ticket a real airline ticket — or something else? It’s not just me asking; so is Greg […]

Why is US Airways so un-American?

If you read nothing more than the headline of this story, you might think this is another rant about the evils of airline consolidation — a consolidation that, by the way, isn't over yet.