It’s time to awaken your inner consumer advocate

This is the cruise ship Shannon Tait’s mother was supposed to sail on. It was her bucket list cruise. Literally.

She’d been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, and Tait figured she’d have a year or two for one final adventure to the Last Frontier.

She did not. She died in hospice care before she could set sail.
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What a ‘hot’ week for travelers means for you

It was a hot week for travel. Literally.

A British Airways Boeing 777 caught fire on the runway at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Billowing black smoke and orange flames could be seen pouring from under the plane’s wings, sending passengers fleeing quickly from the aircraft and across the tarmac before approximately 50 firefighters doused the aircraft in minutes. The cause of the fire isn’t clear yet, but it didn’t appear to breach the cabin. Continue reading…