Daily musings from Christopher Elliott.

These airlines are the poster children for bad service

When you have a customer service problem with a company, it can usually be cleared up with a quick phone […]

Boycott this? It may not do you any good

When his favorite Las Vegas resort began charging a mandatory $14-per-day resort fee recently, Tom Alderman vowed he’d never return. […]

5 most deceptive ads of the year – and what they mean for you

I’m no fan of “worst of” lists because someone deserving always gets left off, but the list circulated recently by […]

Are new loyalty programs fair to travelers?

If you’re unhappy with your loyalty program, join the club. So is William Beeman, a Delta Air Lines frequent flier […]

How to be the world’s smartest traveler

Want to be the world’s smartest traveler? You can be. My new book, How To Be The World’s Smartest Traveler […]

Should you be allowed to watch porn on a plane?

The pornographic images Elizabeth Saft recently glimpsed on her seatmate’s cellphone while she was flying from Sacramento to Minneapolis on […]

Hey, did you forget to pack your common sense?

Common sense has always been a precious commodity in travel. You don’t need stories about tourists plunging off cliffs in […]