Good Southwest, bad Southwest!

I’m pleased to bring you a new feature called “The Final Word” in the 6 p.m. time slot. It does exactly what it says: It lets whoever is writing it have the final word of the day. I’ll go first.

No good deed goes unpunished in the advocacy world. So when Andrew Der’s story about Southwest Airlines going the extra mile to help a grieving mother went live this morning, it was interrupted by a chorus of critics, of course.
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Is train travel safe in America?

For the 238 passengers and 5 crew aboard Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 between Washington to New York, which derailed north of Philadelphia Tuesday evening, train travel was not a safe mode of transportation. At least eight people were killed and 200 were injured in the accident.

But if you’re wondering if traveling by rail in the United States is safe for you, it turns out there’s a more reassuring answer.
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It’s time to re-regulate airlines

Merging and antitrust exemptions have brought the airline industry to a crossroads: One path leads to removing barriers to competition and reasonable regulation; the other to cartels with government-sanctioned price fixing, high taxes, debasement of customer service and flight reductions.
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