Daily musings from Christopher Elliott.

Are airlines under-compensating you?

What if I told you that your airline owed you money? What if I said it effectively overbills every American […]

Yes, airlines can do something right

If you think the airline industry doesn’t do anything right, think again.

Flying somewhere? You’re not going to like what’s next

I’ve seen the future of air travel — at least the kind of future the airline industry wants — and […]

Driving overseas? Read this first

It was an open-ended question, the kind you learn to ask after renting countless cars: Is there anything else I […]

Here’s to new beginnings

I’ve published this site since 1997, which is half an eternity on the Internet. You’ve seen features come and go, […]

The high cost of great customer service

The basics of good customer service, like courtesy and attentiveness, may be free. But great service? That’s expensive. Consider what […]

Which laws drive you crazy overseas?

IT’S HERE! The Worlds’s Smartest Traveler is now available. Get your own copy of the book that will change the way […]