Is it time to retire the TSA’s full-body scanners?

The Transportation Security Administration relies on its L3 ProVision full body scanners, which use millimeter wave (MMW), terahertz radio frequency technology to detect objects concealed by air travelers at security checkpoints.

These scanners are in use at major and midsized US airports, scanning travelers from head to foot looking for weapons, explosives and other prohibited items. It’s time to ask if these scanners how outlived any usefulness they might have had.
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What would make summer travel even better?

Is it too soon to start thinking about summer travel? Maybe just a little. But it’s not too soon to think about making summer travel better.

Early numbers suggest more Americans will vacation during the warm months than last year. They plan to spend 8% more on leisure travel than in 2014, according to a recent survey conducted by Choice Hotels. That’ll translate into an average of four to five trips this year, and most of them will happen during the summer season, an AARP survey says.
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Attention shoppers: Your cell phones are being tracked and the feds don’t like it

A tracking firm that quietly captured information about 9 million consumers wandering in, out, and nearby retail stores — largely without consumers’ knowledge — was slapped on the wrist by the Federal Trade Commission yesterday.

The commission vote on the order was 3-2, meaning the slap was given reluctantly, with two of five commissioners writing that the FTC should have used “prosecutorial discretion” and dropped the matter.
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Man challenges PC to duel — guess who won?

There’s something about computers that brings out the worst in us. And there’s something about retaliatory violence against these boxes of frustration that makes many of us cheer from a place deep inside.

Computer rage is a real thing. There’s a whole section on it in my book proposal about The Restless Project. You know where I’m going with this. A Colorado Springs man named Lucas Hinch was arrested this week for challenging his desktop computer to an old-fashioned duel.
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