Would you pay $200,576 for a 13-night cruise?

Royal Caribbean must think its customers are royally loaded. Or royally insane. How else do you explain the pricing of an inside cabin on a June 2 sailing of the Legend of the Seas for the princely sum of $200,576?

Well, actually there is another explanation. It’s a dreaded fat-finger fare.


Reader Alan Brill, who brought this apparent glitch to my attention — and Alan, I really hope this is a glitch — says it’s royally absurd.

Given that the smallest inside cabin is 138 square feet, that comes out to only $1453.45 per square foot. By comparison, the Grand Suite, at $4,749 per person ($9,498 per cabin) — plus the surcharge for a 357 square foot cabin (not counting the balcony) is $26.61 per square foot.

I don’t know about you, Chris, but I think that if they get someone to pay the $200,576, they could throw in the $5 per-day fuel surcharge.

Yeah, you would think.

Needless to say, this rate hiccup needs to be fixed immediately. But this does raise a bigger question: Are cruises getting a little overpriced, or are they still a bargain?

Travel agents, what do you think?

Christopher Elliott

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