Worst. Honeymoon. Ever.

By | November 12th, 2009

sandalsAdam Salamon’s honeymoon did not go well.

His all-inclusive resort wasn’t what he expected. The food was lousy, the staff was rude, there were bed bugs and his travel agent didn’t care, he claims.

Although the companies involved in this vacation debacle offered some compensation, it wasn’t enough for Salamon. He wanted a full refund, and he wanted me to help him get it.

Here are the unpleasant details. (A warning to those of you who are squeamish: his account is somewhat graphic.)

My wife and I were married in June of this year. We booked our honeymoon with American Express Travel to St. Lucia at Amex’s recommendation. We spoke with their “honeymoon specialist” who insisted that St Lucia would be the perfect place for us. We described wanting somewhere that combines Disney World with Vegas. If you’ve been to St. Lucia, you know this is nowhere near that.

We stayed at the Sandals Grande St. Lucian which turned out to be more of a two-star than a five-star hotel.

The food was lousy, the staff harped on my wife and I for not drinking, the activities we wanted to do were not free (this was our first trip to an all-inclusive resort so we didn’t know that), my wife was bitten by bed-bugs and ultimately got sick when we got home with something called herpangina.

Herpangina comes from fecal to oral contact. Someone didn’t wash their hands properly at the resort. We didn’t discover the bed bug bites until after we left the resort.

I complained to the resort manager that we weren’t happy with the food or the services the hotel was providing. He offered us a free spa service and to eat in the exclusive restaurant.

Since this was day two of a seven-day trip, eating in the same restaurant for the rest of our trip was not of interest to us and we don’t do spa treatments. I attempted to get in contact with American Express to get us sent home, but after leaving several messages, no one called me back or answered the phone. I ultimately booked us on the only Delta flight off the island and informed the resort we were leaving.

Fast forward to today. After fighting with American Express, Classic Vacations and Sandals I’ve been offered a two-night refund and a three-night voucher from Sandals, a $500 travel credit with Classic Vacation and a $250 refund from American Express.

I paid $5,300 for this trip!

What I really want is all of my money back! I wouldn’t be opposed to paying for the two nights we were at the resort.

I’ve managed to get $3,600 back from my credit card company, but that still leaves me pretty far in the hole.

I’ve spoken with everyone at American Express up to the administrative aide to the President of the travel division. They claim that they provided exemplary service.

Can you help me? I feel like I’m out of options now.

  • Kpcloud9

     They complained about dining at the same restaurant all week. There is a shuttle that runs between all 3 Sandals resorts giving them 21 (TWENTY-ONE) restaurants to dine at. Dine at the same place all week? I think not. 

    We had a blast at Sandals Grande. Shame this couple did not give it a chance. They wanted a honeymoon somewhere between Disney & Vegas????? Classy. However, with everything Sandals has to offer I see why the travel agent suggested it. It was up to them to review their option and decide if it was what they wanted or not. 

    It seems that instead of CHOOSING to have a great honeymoon they CHOSE
    to ruin it by leaving and going home. Their compensation was more than
    adequate considering their flights would not be refunded and 2 nights at
    the resort could easily run $500.