Where’s your star?

By | December 28th, 2016

This is your last chance.

This site’s holiday fundraiser ends in just hours. We’re a few dollars short of meeting our goal. Do you have your star yet?

A black star next to your name indicates you’ve participated in our holiday fundraiser. A white star means you’ve made more than one donation in a calendar year.

If you haven’t supported this site yet — if you don’t have a star next to your name — here are a few compelling reasons to do it now:

We’re on your side 24/7.
Our staff is here for you all day, every day. Take Dwayne Coward, the guy in charge of our advocacy department. If you email a help request at 3 a.m., chances are you’ll hear back from him immediately. He works crazy hours, and we love it. Because consumer problems never sleep. Neither do we.

We put big numbers on the board.
In 2016, we advocated thousands of cases and added hundreds of new companies to our contact database. Every day, hundreds of people receive direct help from this site — help that allows them to receive a deserved refund, an apology or a warranty repair. Remember this case?

We’re here for the little guy.
I’m not a fan of that term, “the little guy,” because it implies regular consumers are somehow smaller and less important. But it’s true, we are here for the average, non-elite, Joe Sixpack customers, and we are proud of it. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re entering a dangerous new era where politicians may feel empowered to remove vital consumer protections, allowing Corporate America to have its way with us. Who will stand against them? We will.

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We know they hate us.
The one-percenters, the elites, the rabid free-marketers, and their mad surrogates in the blogosphere hate this site and want it to disappear. They don’t want a team of superheroes to save the day for consumers. Their misguided belief that the people who get ripped off deserve it reeks of social Darwinism. We’ll have none of it.

The companies we cover also want us dead, of course. They’re severely allergic to watchdogs like us. The fact that they want us to run out of money is all the reason you need to support this project now. Fund us so that the watchdog can live another year and keep an eye on the companies that prey on you.

And so, as the clock runs out on our 2016 holiday fundraiser, please consider securing your star. Stand up and be counted as a supporter of this site. Don’t let the bad guys win.

We’re so close to our goal. With your help, we can reach it.

  • BubbaJoe123

    When I’m looking at a cause to support financially, I can usually just pull the form 990 and get key information (revenue, compensation of key employees, etc) to assess the organization asking for support. Chris, I know you commented in another post that you had decided not to convert Elliott.org to a not for profit. Would you consider at least providing some of this information for the site (revenue by source, major expenses)?