The adventure begins …

It’s been five weeks since we returned to the mainland from Hawaii and the kids are getting a little antsy. Family travel may be an addiction.

Here’s what happens when the kids go stir crazy. It’s episode one of our adventure. I hope you’ll follow along by signing up for the Away is Home channel and tuning for the next episode on Friday.

What will happen next? I’ll give you a clue: Our son Iden didn’t get very far.

Oh, and there were no cats in the bag in the final scene.

Christopher Elliott

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  • Ha, ha! Your cats may be bored, but I’ll bet they hate going on a “Road Trip” as much as mine does. Flying felines? Forget it!

  • This really looks good.How do we subscribe to your adventures? I think all of your activities are great.

  • Kylle McFisher

    Hahaha a cat or two….take good care of the cat Iden. :)