And the award for tardiest airline of the summer goes to …

By | September 3rd, 2008

… American Airlines, according to a report released late today by FlightStats.

Less than two-thirds of its flights — 64.55 percent — were considered on-time. An eye-popping 16.20 percent of its flights were more than 44 minutes late.

Technically, American had the worst on-time record of the major airlines. But only four other airlines — regional carriers Colgan, Comair, Gulfstream International and Freedom Airlines — had more delays.

The absolute bottom was Freedom Airlines (maybe the wrong name, if you think about it) with only 54.52 percent of its flights leaving on time this summer.

The airline with the best record? Hawaiian Airlines, with 88.60 percent of its flights operating on time.

Surprisingly, it was followed by Frontier Airlines, which recorded an 85.34 percent on-time record for the summer.