Are you too stupid to fly?

There are two ways of looking at Allen Nesbitt’s case: We can blame the airline for what went wrong — or we can blame the traveler.

Either way, this case is unfixable, for reasons that will soon become apparent.
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“Finally, if all the above fails …”

If Charles Friedman had gone anywhere else, he would have received a flat-out rejection. After all, he was asking Southwest Airlines for a full refund of his plane tickets from Hartford to Orlando because he wasn’t “up to” traveling during the holidays.
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“How can this be legal?”

For some reason, passengers still think they’re being scammed by airlines when it comes to seat assignments.

They feel that way despite all the helpful comments from industry insiders who say the flying public should just read the fine print when they book a ticket. And they feel that way despite the argument that charging extra for seat assignments represents the free market at its best.
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