Kicked off a JetBlue flight for recording a cancer patient’s expulsion

How far would an airline go to avoid another embarrassing cancer-patient-denied-boarding incident? Ask Steven Leslie, a passenger on a JetBlue Airways flight last week — just as Alaska Airlines landed in the news for expelling a sick passenger.

Shortly before a scheduled flight from Albuquerque, NM, to New York, Leslie found himself a row away from a family being quizzed by a crewmember about their child’s medical condition. The boy had cancer.

“The cancer patient was deemed too sick to fly by the airline crew and was removed from the aircraft,” he says. “I recorded this incident on my smartphone.”

That didn’t go over well with the flight crew, he says.
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An old car rental case grinds to a sudden halt

Suresh Chickanna survived his trip to Switzerland last year, but his Hertz rental car did not.

Somewhere along the road, for some reason, the clutch on his manual transmission vehicle burned out, Hertz claims. It wants to charge him $1,963 to repair the damage.
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Feds crack down on telemarketers posing as pollsters

Automated calls hawking “free” cruises are one of the most popular travel come-ons. But in an ocean of unsolicited offers, the one made by Caribbean Cruise Line stood out, if for no other reason than that Bikram Bandy, the Federal Trade Commission’s Do-Not-Call program coordinator, received one.

“It came to my FTC cellphone,” Bandy remembers.

That’s a little bit like bank robbers leaving a business card with their names and addresses on it at the scene of a crime.
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“I’m never leaving a comment on this site again”

That’s the attention-grabbing subject line from several emails that have landed in my “in” box recently.

“I’m done with your comments section. Finished. I’m never leaving another one!”

In the month since we switched to SolidOpinion, our new reputation-based commenting platform, I’ve received a crush of feedback — some positive, a lot of it mixed, and some downright, well, hostile.

So in today’s case from the front lines of advocacy, we turn to the action below the digital fold: to our beloved comments section.
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The incredible but true story of how hotels became vacation-rentalized

Want a hotel that feels like home? So did Kristin Stallings when she recently looked for accommodations in Florida to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

A small, pricey room, where everything felt “smashed together,” wasn’t at the top of her list, says Stallings, a loan risk analyst from Houston.

“I remembered how much I dislike middle-of-the-night door slamming, loud hallway discussions and noisy neighbors,” she adds. “More than once I’ve had to request a new room due to noise.”
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