10 most popular companies for executive customer service contacts

What’s the top company for complaints on this site? You’ll never guess.

Well, maybe you will.

It’s American Airlines.

American’s executive contact page draws tens of thousands of visitors to this advocacy site every month. Measured by our search traffic, it’s our number-one company. It is also the most complained-about company, in terms of incoming requests from readers.

And that should surprise no one. The airline is in the throes of a merger and it hasn’t exactly been at the top of its class when it comes to customer service.

But who else is on the list? You might be surprised.

Here’s the full list:

1. American Airlines
2. Comcast
3. Delta Air Lines
4. T-Mobile
5. United Airlines
6. Southwest Airlines
7. Marriott
8. Hertz
9. Spirit Airlines
10. Sprint

I had to read this list twice to be sure it was accurate. Wait, isn’t this a travel site? No, not exactly. A few months ago, I said as much, so that explains the presence of Comcast, T-Mobile and Sprint. Obviously, we continue to cover travel, but who knew we’d have such a strong showing by the wireless companies?

Back to the list, though. I was a little surprised that Delta showed up so high on our top 10, because we don’t see a lot of Delta cases coming through these parts. That must mean the executive contacts actually figure out a way of responding to customers that make it to their level, which is a good thing.

That also explains Southwest’s presence on this list. People read the executive contacts pages and they get taken care of. I can count the number of Southwest complaints I got this summer on one hand. The executives must pay close attention to their email, which is great.

Spirit, on the other hand, is the reverse problem: We receive a lot of complaints and they’re comparatively small. If we scaled Spirit up to the size of United or American, then this site would probably be called the “Spirit Complaint Site.” All Spirit, all the time.

As I look at this list and compare it with our internal list of complaints, I can sort the companies into three groups.

1. Companies on the list because they have customer service problems
American, Comcast, Spirit and United are on that list. They’re here because they get a lot of complaints. Full stop.

2. Companies on the list because they have good service
Delta, Marriott and Southwest fall into that category. I almost never get complaints about them. Yet there they are.

3. Companies that might not have the best service record, which is why they’re here
I’m not sure where to put Hertz, Sprint and T-Mobile. Sometimes they generate a lot of complaints, sometimes not. They could probably go either way.

Tracking these companies can be interesting, but just because an airline or wireless company is on the list means it’s bad — or good.