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    Honest passenger withdraws complaint after reviewing her paperwork

Honest passenger withdraws complaint after reviewing her paperwork

Janice Batchelder contacted me recently to ask for help with a Princess Cruise case — and then, after some consideration, […]

Here’s a new customer service award you’ll actually use

You don’t have to click around too long online to find an award. They’re as common as pop-up ads — […]

Left at the wrong airport after a cancellation

Should airlines compensate their passengers for delays? Before you answer, meet Melissa Bailey-Yoder, who lives in Waterbury, Vt., and was […]

Should the government regulate loyalty programs?

Frequent-flier programs are rigged to favor airlines, deceive passengers and cost consumers billions of dollars. At least that’s the contention […]

Is it time for minimum airline seat standards?

It’s not your imagination. Airline seats are shrinking.

Today is your day

If you’ve ever read something useful on this site that allowed you to make a more enlightened consumer purchase, today […]

Hang on, this hotel doesn’t exist!

Angela Newby books a room at a Ramada Inn, but when the hotel closes, her stay is in limbo. Who […]