Did this travel scam just out itself in the fine print?

“I’m contacting you before we do something stupid,” writes Sarah Smith, whose is mulling an offer for two “complimentary” airline […]

Come home alive: Time to protect yourself from Ebola

Now that the feared Ebola virus has arrived in the United States, it’s time to take some steps to protect […]

British Airways abbreviated my vacation — what am I owed?

British Airways flight 68 from Philadelphia to London was canceled on July 8 — “technical” issues, as Brian Osborn recalls. […]

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    These books will change the way you travel – plus, they’re marked down

These books will change the way you travel – plus, they’re marked down

I admit it: I read books. I care deeply about the transformative power of the word. Which is why

These double standards have gotta go!

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They promised us Paris, but $18,000 later …

Even if the vacation club she bought didn’t work out, and even if the “free” trip to Hawaii never materialized, […]

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