Caught up in Disney’s Fantasy

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I had a chance to get on board the new Disney Fantasy cruise ship during a recent preview in Manhattan. The ship will be the biggest in the Disney cruise line but hasn’t forgotten what makes the experience so personal Continue reading…

On top

Erysse marvels at how far she’s climbed up the slide in her back yard. Now that Easter is over, she can concentrate on what she does best … getting into trouble.

Where are my eggs?

Erysse can’t find any Easter Eggs. Her brothers got ’em all. No worries, hon. The Easter Bunny won’t forget you.

At Everest

Aren waits for his mother to finish riding Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It took a loooooong time.

My cousins

Guess who visited us from up north? Our cousins! We caught up with them at Epcot, and had lunch at the Norway Pavilion. (Thanks, Aunt Beth!)

To the races!

Aren’s Hotwheels car goes into the second turn at the annual St. Luke’s 500 race.

My little wizard

Erysse can’t keep her hat on. Otherwise, she would look like a wizard. That’s OK. She’s having a good time, taking Daddy’s studio for a test spin.

These will do

Aren inspects the flowers at Lukas Nursery. It’s planting season in Florida. Time to pretty up the front yard.


Iden takes a whiff of the flowers at Lukas Nursery.


Erysse goes down the indoor slide with her friend Emily. Today was Iden’s birthday party. He’s three years old!

Hey, where’s my icing?

Iden likes his birthday cake, but there’s not enough icing on his slice. Icing is an important source of sugar for hyperactive three-year-olds.

You’re it!

Aren is little more than a blur as he tries to tag Dad inside the bounce house at his brother’s third birthday party. Good thing these balls are made of foam.

Happy birthday, Iden

Iden turned three today. (OK, actually he turns three next week, but we’re celebrating early because Daddy has to go on a trip.)