About Elliott

Elliott is a site that advocates for you.

Founded in 1997 by consumer advocate and journalist Christopher Elliott, its goal is to empower consumers to solve their service problems and to help those who can’t.

Here’s a little more information about our mission and our causes.

If you’re having trouble with a business — any business — and you’ve reached a dead end, we’ll try to help. Send us a request and we’ll investigate. Please read our frequently asked questions before getting in touch.


Michelle Bellnewsletters

Based in Long Beach, California, Michelle Bell oversees the production of our daily newsletter. With a diverse professional and educational background, she has spent many years working in the travel industry and has visited 6 continents, with plans to visit the 7th next year. You can reach her at mbscorpio18@gmail.com.

Dwayne Coward, advocacy

Dwayne Coward is in charge of our advocacy department. A FAA-licensed flight dispatcher for the U.S. Air Force, he manages all of our incoming requests for help. You can reach him at dccowa5@gmail.com.

Jennifer Fingereditorial

Based in Houston, Jennifer Finger manages our editorial coverage. When she’s not working for consumers, she’s a CPA, freelance editor, writer, and actress. She can be reached at jf4782@gmail.com.

Steven Glover, technology

Steven Glover is responsible for ensuring the site operates smoothly. Email him at steven@tgcfl.com.

Christopher Elliott, founder and publisher

Christopher Elliott is the founder of this site. Here’s more information about him and here are a few important disclosures about his advocacy practice. Contact Elliott at elliottc@gmail.com.


Elliott would not be possible without help from a staff of volunteers, who donate their time to help advocate for consumers. If you’re interested in making the world a better place, please send us an email. We’d love to have you on board.