5 travel icons who should have a blog

The surprise news that the Transportation Security Administration started its own blog, which the travel blogosphere seems to still be recovering from, got me to thinking. Who else is out there who should be blogging -- but isn't?

Can I get a refund for my flight to Kenya?

If you're into the world's most dangerous places, chances are Kenya's at the top of your "must visit" list. The State Department has advised Americans to stay away from the violence-plagued East African country. So where does that leave people with nonrefundable airline tickets to Nairobi?

“Look at this list. Are you insane?”

Did your last car rental bill include a surcharge for vehicle registration, contracts or a security fee? Bob Baker's did when he rented from Avis recently. So he asked.

‘Top off’ fee explained: “Everyone drives a little after filling the tank”

The travel community was outraged last week when my MSNBC.com colleague Bob Sullivan reported that Dollar had begun charging a $2 "top off" fee at certain locations. But why? No one has gotten a straight answer from the car rental agency, except a claim that the new fee was "not a widespread practice."

Seasick! Cruise line quotes fare, refuses to honor it, then changes its mind

When it comes to cruising, the only back and forth that passengers expect is the motion under their feet when they're at high sea. But Bernie Brocklehurst didn't have to board Regent's Paul Gauguin in order to get seasick -- he just had to book the cruise. His experience is a cautionary tale for anyone booking a cruise, and for this ombudsman.

Elliott’s E-Mail/January 29, 2008

Can we talk politics? This week's MSNBC column talks about the dying passenger rights movement, and what you can do to revive it. There's a "burning question" about the 2008 election and travel that you'll want to answer. And there's plenty more about corporate politics, blogging politics and the politics of the global reservation system. Safe travels!

Stay home! 4 days when you shouldn’t travel

You probably already know about Spring Break, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. That is, you know enough not to travel around those days. Scoring a frequent flier award ticket is pretty much impossible, hotels aren’t discounting their rooms, and you’ll probably pay full price for your rental car. Plus, it’s usually a tragic mess out there — long lines at the airport, dense traffic and frayed tempers.