So why should you become a subscriber to Elliott’s E-Mail?

Here are 10 really good reasons to sign up right now. And while you’re at it, why not subscribe to the Elliott’s E-Mail RSS feed? (Here’s more information about RSS feeds.)

1. It’s free. Always has been. Always will be. Plus, there are no ads. So you’ll never be interrupted by an annoying pitch to buy a product or to vacation at some second-rate destination.

2. It’s here for you. Few other Web sites offer a place where you can get your travel problems solved. Every week, the nationally syndicated Travel Troubleshooter invites readers to send in their travel problems — and answers their questions.

3. It never follows the herd. Looking for regurgitated press releases and repurposed opinions on the travel business? Sorry. Elliott’s E-Mail, written by veteran travel journalist Christopher Elliott, isn’t afraid to go its own way.

4. You’ll read about it here first. If there’s something you absolutely have to know before your next trip, it will be in Elliott’s E-Mail. And it will probably be here before anyone else has written about it. That’s because our readers are activists who want to make the travel industry a better place, and they tip me off the moment something noteworthy happens.

5. Because even its critics get it. The folks at the mainstream travel publications insist that Elliott’s E-Mail is just another online newsletter. But they all read it — subscriber lists don’t lie — and some of them actually like it. (If not for its irreverent attitude, then at least for the story ideas.)

6. Exclusive, insider information. You don’t want to miss the blog that gives you the skinny on what’s really happening in the travel biz. Not only that, but you get items no other newsletter can offer, like e-mail addresses of executives — to whom you can send your direct feedback.

7. It’s always compelling. It’s funny how a lot of those glossy travel magazines manage to put you to sleep with their travel coverage. Elliott’s E-Mail is the antidote: shockingly frank, uncompromisingly honest and always a really good read.

8. Because the travel industry doesn’t want you to. The airlines, car rental agencies, cruise lines, hotels and timeshare companies would strongly prefer that you get your travel news from a source that they can control through advertising. Not from someone who only has their customers’ best interests in mind.

9. You’ll have a better trip. I would say, “Or your money back” — except that Elliott’s E-Mail is free. But seriously, you’ll be better informed, better prepared and better equipped to handle your next business or leisure trip.

10. It’s doesn’t cost a penny. Did I already mention that? It’s free. Totally free.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now.