How can you avoid a bad hotel room?

What can you do to avoid being assigned a bad hotel room?

For Michael Rewers, he knows that he increases his chances of avoiding a bad hotel room by staying away from “free stay” vouchers – and at least one four-star hotel.

Rewers, who frequently travels as a sales rep for a European energy company, recently tried to redeem a hotel coupon for a weekend at an upscale hotel in Warsaw. “Big mistake,” he recalls. Read more “How can you avoid a bad hotel room?”

Delta Air Lines rejected me and my valid travel documents!

Lin Wang takes the domestic leg of her Delta Air Lines journey to China without incident. The problem comes when she tries to board the international portion of her trip using an expired Chinese passport and a notice from the Chinese embassy. She explains that these are valid travel documents for her to enter China, but the gate agent is unconvinced, and she’s denied boarding.

Now she wants to know who is responsible for this travel fiasco. Read more “Delta Air Lines rejected me and my valid travel documents!”