I only needed a blood transfusion! Why did my cruise leave me behind?

During his recent NCL cruise, Andrew Goldstein suffered a sudden medical emergency that required a blood transfusion. Unable to provide such a service onboard, the cruise left him behind in St. Kitts to seek treatment. Now he wants a refund for his missed cruise and reimbursement for his additional travel and medical expenses. But is this reasonable? Read more “I only needed a blood transfusion! Why did my cruise leave me behind?”

NCL takes $1,493 from a sick customer and leaves him with almost nothing — is that right?

Rob Rumohr was looking forward to his Western Caribbean cruise on the Norwegian Epic, with ports of call in Jamaica, the Caymans and Mexico.

“We had been planning a special vacation for several months,” he says. He was bringing his mother, who had been recently widowed, on the cruise.

“I needed to plan something for her to look forward to since I knew it was going to be especially difficult for her,” he says.
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Served expired food on my honeymoon cruise – am I owed anything?

2013-12-11 14.39.11Cruise lines aren’t exactly known for their culinary experiences, but Moshe Wealcatch’s story takes the cake, as they say.

Sure, every now and then you have an outstanding meal on a cruise. I’m thinking of Remy on the Disney Dream which was easily the best meal I had all year. But generally speaking, cruise passengers are fed from buffet lines featuring fried food — and lots of it.

One thing you can count on, though, is that the fare is reasonably fresh. But Wealcatch, who honeymooned on the Norwegian Sky with his wife, Shira, says he discovered you can’t even count on that. In keeping with their religious beliefs, the couple made arrangements months before their departure to have kosher meals.

The food wasn’t what they expected.
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Hey NCL, you call that a kids’ cruise?

SeanPavonePhoto / Shutterstock.com
SeanPavonePhoto / Shutterstock.com
I’ve been on the fence about this case for weeks, following the back and forth between this unhappy customer and a cruise line.

The reason for my indecision? Two years ago, I took virtually the same Norwegian cruise as Joseph Cilento, and my family and I had a dramatically different experience than he did. But things change.

Cilento, his wife and twin daughters were passengers on the Norwegian Gem in May, which sailed from New York to Nassau and back in seven days. He says the voyage was billed as a family-themed voyage, with lots of special amenities for kids.
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Help! I can’t make my cruise because of a hurricane

Aren’t you glad you’re not on a cruise?Question: We booked a cruise to Alaska on Norwegian Cruise Line last summer. NCL notified us that we would be sailing a day after our scheduled departure because they had to fix a propeller on the ship. This meant that the ship would not be stopping in Juneau for an originally scheduled excursion.

Then we had to cancel the cruise because of a hurricane that made it impossible to fly. All the airlines canceled their flights and we had no way of reaching Seattle. We had purchased a travel insurance policy through the cruise line.

Our airline gave us a full refund on our tickets, but NCL said we were only entitled to a 75 percent insurance credit that could be used for a future cruise. That isn’t in line with what other cruise lines did. For example, Princess offered a 75 percent credit through for passengers who had insurance and an additional 25 percent credit that could be used for a future cruise.
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One last port of call in Palma

We made one final stop in Palma on the quiet Spanish island or Mallorca. It’s a favorite destination for Europeans.

You can see why: Its breathtaking cliffs (mind the dropoff, Erysee!) and historical medieval towns make this the perfect place to conclude our Western Mediterranean cruise.
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A rough ride across the Mediterranean

We spent today at sea. It was a bumpy ride back to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. But an invitation to tour the bridge made us forget about our motion sickness for a little while.
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A hot time in Pompeii, Italy

The highlight of this trip so far — other than interviewing the voice of SpongeBob, which I’ll do tomorrow — has been visiting Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius.

Oh, wow. This was totally worth it.
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All roads lead to Civitavecchia, Italy

When we pulled into port in Civitavecchia this morning, everyone wanted to know what we planned to do in Rome.

“Nothing,” I said, trying to not sound like a contrarian. “We’re going the other way.”
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