You’re lying to us, but we still love you

Everybody lies.

Even to us, the guys who are trying to help. Especially to us.
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No ‘pet-friendly’ rooms at the inn

Maureen Lundgren books a reservation through Expedia at a “pet-friendly” inn. But there’s a catch. Can she get a refund?

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It’s time to awaken your inner consumer advocate

This is the cruise ship Shannon Tait’s mother was supposed to sail on. It was her bucket list cruise. Literally.

She’d been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma, and Tait figured she’d have a year or two for one final adventure to the Last Frontier.

She did not. She died in hospice care before she could set sail.
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Saved by the angels of consumer advocacy

Sometimes even an advocate needs an advocate.

That’s the situation we found ourselves in about a week ago. We had a near-death experience. For a few hours, it appeared someone had erased everything on our server.
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So you’re a hotel expert? Prove it

If you know the difference between an ADR and and APR, spend hundreds of nights a year in a hotel or just love the lodging industry, then please listen up.

We need you.

We’re recruiting a squad of expert lodging advocates to assist consumers in our new help forum, and we want you on the team.
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He parked his car and they took it for a joyride

It’s like a scene from the 80s classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Minus the Ferrari, maybe. And the Star Wars soundtrack.
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Trouble on the road? Maybe the government can help (seriously)

Donald Lessard did a double take when he saw the name on his airline ticket: “Donald Jeffries.”
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Four months of emails are MIA — what should we do?

Gavin Sullivan’s parents are missing four months worth of emails, and they think Comcast is to blame. What should they do?
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Lookit what the stork delivered – a baby forum!

I’m incredibly excited to share the good news with you today. We’ve launched a new forum that’s designed to help you have a better consumer experience.

She’s still a baby, so please go easy on her.

If you want to post a question, you’ll have to register using WordPress (it’s very easy) but by this afternoon, you should be able to authenticate through the major social networks, too.

The purpose of these forums is simple: Like this site, it’s all about helping people. We have a group of dedicated experts who have agreed to monitor the questions and assist consumers with quick, practical answers. I’ll be there, too, of course.

I’ve divided the forum into several categories — a help desk for complaints, a soapbox for folks who want to sound off about a story, the inside track to help consumers with company contact information, and a suggestions box.

Please jump in and post your comments and feedback. Let me know if I’ve missed any categories or if you can think of a better way to divide the topics. I’m open to any suggestions.

The same rules of behavior apply to the forums as for the comments, so please be nice to each other.

As many of you know, I’ve resisted the idea of starting a forum for many years, largely because the other travel forums (I will not mention names) have become cesspools of toxic rhetoric.

What made me change my mind? I think we have the best team of moderators in the business, and there’s a real need for a forum that does things differently. I hope we can meet those standards.

With your help, I believe we will.