It’s time for an Uber of the skies

Airbnb changed the hotel industry. Uber changed ground transportation. So why can’t the same change happen for air travel?
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Let’s bring back good travel manners in 2014

When did travelers lose their manners?

When did they stop saying “please” and “thank you,” start filling the entire overhead bin with their carry-on luggage and stop bathing?

The trendsetting airline industry, which has become the poster child for impoliteness in travel, wants you to believe it doesn’t matter. It claims fares are low — an average $283 ticket price in 2012, which is roughly the same as 2001 after adjusting for inflation. It points to its almost-flawless safety record. Who cares that no one treats each other well?

But as 2013 draws to a close, you know something is wrong — very wrong — with the way we travel. Expedia’s Airplane Etiquette Study, released this month, exposes the many ways we’re annoyed. Topping the list: negligent parents, seat kickers and smelly seatmates.
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What happened to the great American road trip?

It happened just after sunrise a few weeks ago, as we navigated a narrow two-lane highway between Santa Fe and Santa Rosa, N.M., in our family sedan.
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