Wireless Bill Nightmare After Accepting Offer to Upgrade Phone Early Case # CA1822958

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Aug 18, 2018
I have been attempting for three weeks now to get ATT to correct my wireless bill that I brought to their attention the same day I received it as it was more than double my normal bill and although I expected a $20-$30 increase from previous months I knew something was wrong big time. The month prior I had contact ATT by phone to just see how many payments were left on my Gal 7 as I was very interest in getting the Gal 9. I asked the guy took at what was left and he proceed to offer me a lot of deals including but not limited to paying off the reaming payments on the Gal 7 and allowing me to upgrade immediately to the Gal 9, and I own the Gal 7 same data plan across phones and I would be able to give one away to a family member starting college. The deals even crossed over to my home services with free HBO but I don't watch that, but since I was a part of the overall deal it was all accepted. When the bill came and I Chatted into their support right away to ensure it would be adjusted before it was due, it took them a while but prior to disconnect from the Chat we agreed on what was wrong and the rep was going to complete their work and the bill would adjusted. It never was however someone tried. I say that because ATT is claiming that I MADE A PAYMENT, AND IT WAS RETURNED FROM MY BANK, NONE OF WHICH IS TRUE. I never authorized nor was any payment in the amount of $396.46 was EVER made by me nor did I initiate one. Not only is that odd but so is the way they were input into their System and onto my bill. It reads "Payment, Thank You 6/26 $396.34 and then on the same bill down in the credits/adjustments is says "Returned Check 7/6/18 $396.46, AND NO FEE FOR THE RETURN WAS CHARGED. Which I keep telling everyone it would be the first fee that ATT's systems did not charge automatically. So things have just snowballed to the point I don't even understand my own bill and I have escalated this to Presidents Office at ATT after being told over and over and over that I made this payment and it got to be insulting, literally was told that not only would they not go back and fix it, they would not even look. But to my dismay the level of support I have received from an Assist to the VP Jody Garcia whos is listed as the VP who wil receive the online form that is posted to fill in and submit, but this assist piked it up and I doubt anyone at a VP level is seeing anything. I say this because when I obtained the two VP's direct email addresses and attempted to escalate this to them about the issues I was now having with Kitira Smith-Davis who is of no help at all, and in fact quite rude with no effort at all, she intercepted that one as well. Since I refuse to even speak with or even communicate with her I have sent it up one more level and emailed Mr. Donovan who's a CEO and I am just hoping that a fresh set of eyes will wake someone up to the fact that my phone has been shut off for 7 days now, I am on permanent disability and don't currently drive, yet ATT and especially Kitira as they knew all of this made no attempt at all to even make is a little easier for me to contact her by demanding I phone it even after telling her and everyone time and time again that that was my only line. And why the hell I am not given the benefit of the doubt over a very small amount of money to a customer that has not being hiding from them, avoiding or trying to get out of any charge3 that is legitimate and have stayed In such close contact with ATT to resolve this issue I feel like I should be getting a check for at least 20 hours or more of flat out work and investigating what happed and I have figured it out without access to your systems as the error is so glaring. But again to be told by this level that this mystery payment ad its return will stay and that she reviewed the number and I am wrong. And for the last time I wold her and for the last time I type this as I am extremely tired and worn out from all of this. The clock is very much ticking for ATT as I have explained to them over and over that if this is going to be the way I am treated and nothing gets done I would be forced to terminate ATT services for both my Wireless and my home services as nobody calls me a liar or just ignore me.

i need an anser from ATT

R. Ferber

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We have a company contacts page that had contacts for ATandT. On the main page, page down under the contacts and read the information on how to write and how to escalate before you begin writing. Write the way we advise you to and let us know the outcome.

Did you have a copy of the chat emailed to you so you can send that with your letter?
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Mar 17, 2015
I cannot even get through the rambling of this post, so if your letters have been anything close to what is written here, I can see where you are getting into trouble.

When you start using our company contacts, you need to bullet point your issues, short and sweet. In chronological order. For example:
I called on x date to see about upgrade.
Agreed to purchase S7 and lease/payment plan for S9
Bill would only be at most $30 more than original
Received Bill on x date and it was 2x as much as original

Leave out almost everything else, you can state who you spoke with, but this will keep your letter readable and let the reader understand what your real issue is.

Good luck!
Sep 19, 2015
I am not sure that I understand either.

Can you get a statement from your bank saying that no payment was returned? Or are you saying you never made a payment?


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Please follow Tanya's guidance and submit a chronological list of the facts only. With a complex issue such as yours, the reader is unable to avoid being confused. Run your list by someone who doesn't know what is happening to you to be sure it's accurately describing the situation. If we can understand exactly what happened, we can be of further assistance to you.


Verified Member
Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
I think the lack of helpful suggestions reflects the difficulty of trying to figure out what happened. There about 10 periods in the 800+ word single paragraph.
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