Viking cruises

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Mar 15, 2018
Unless she has developed a new condition or her physical condition worsened since she sailed, she has the same issues now she had when she sailed. Viking will ask “ if she traveled with the mobility issues once, why can’t she travel again?”

I think if she got a doctors note that clearly stated she can’t climb stairs, or can only walk say 100 feet at a time, THAT would prove she isn’t physically able to travel. Without that she can’t prove she isn’t in any worse shape than she was when she booked the trip.

I think a drs. note might be the difference in getting an offer higher then $1,000.
In reviewing her lengthy description of her trip, I did find this:

When I arrived home it took me several weeks of physical therapy and rest to get back to being able to get around.
Given how this cruise affected her health, it seems like she could legitimately claim that she is not able to take another cruise if there's ANY possibility of similar circumstances. And of course Viking can't promise that there won't be. So yes, I think she has a viable claim that she's not physically able to take another cruise.

Like you, I do think it's worth one more shot at upping their cash offer by sending in a doctor's note confirming she's not physically able to cruise. But IMO, that's her last chance. If they say no (and given the CEO has already said no to a full refund), then once again I fall back on "take the $1000 and run". :)

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I agree. I can’t see why her doctor wouldn’t willingly write a letter for her and she would have proof of the p/t sessions she had when she returned home.

The OP has to make a compelling case to get the CEO to override his original offer. That proof might work.
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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Thank you. If she asks them and they approve, case closed . . .
I'm not sure where the confusion started. None of us know what Viking would do. If our OP asks Viking for permission to transfer the credit to someone and they approve, that's great. If they say no, nothing is lost.
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