Verizon reneged on what reps stated

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Apr 23, 2020
Was a customer for 14 years. Decided to switch when they could not provide unlimited data for a reasonable rate. Switched my service. A very short time later I received a bill for $350.00. Thought for a moment and was very certain the phones were paid for. Called company rep on the phone stated it was for a new plan termination. She willingly stated they will credit. Look for it in a few days. I did and no credit. Called back and the rep stated "she should have told you we can'd do that on our end" He informs me to dispute with my credit card. I ask Verizon is NOT going to challenge? He says "No". I dispute and get a credit. Shortly after this I get a collection letter. I contact the collector and inform them I do NOT owe this and stop contacting me. They stop. Verizon turns me over to another collector. Send them a letter advising them of their inappropriate actions and my rights. They stop. Not long after this I notice Verizon puts this on my credit report. I have a spotless credit file. They need to honor what their employees say.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
You should use our company contacts and write to Verizon, not the collection company. The collection company wants their money for collecting and they aren't going to help you.

Here are our contacts:

Here is how to write:
Apr 23, 2020
Also, in recent weeks sent in a request for mediation to the company. Many weeks after I sent it in someone responded.The lady in the letter made no acknowledgement to what the reps promised.She was apologetic in the letter and offered her phone number and e-mail to contact her. I tried to contact her numerous times. She does NOT respond in any shape or form
Dec 19, 2014
We need more details. You say that Verizon states that the $350 is for a new contract termination fee. Did you sign a new contract prior to switching services? When did you purchase your phones? Do you have proof that the phones were paid for?

You need to clear this with Verizon, not the collection agency.
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Apr 10, 2017
I do not understand a few things that you could clarify:
-I assume that Verizon is Verizon wireless and not fios or home internet,
-You stated that you were a customer for 14 years, but you do not dispute that the $350 charge for new account termination is appropriate,
-You do not have any written documentation of conversations with Verizon.

Classic 'you said they said' case, Verizon has the recordings of what was said and you have your recollections. I'm sure that they will honor what their employees said when you have proof, which likely will be never. You need to pay the $350 or get something in writing from Verizon that they have credited your account for the balance due. Being accusatory is not the way to go. You are asking for a favor, be polite.
Apr 23, 2020
Yes it is Verizon wireless.The $350 to my recollection wasn't mentioned nor was I familiar with it until It was billed.Never signed anything. I have reps names and dates when I spoke with them. Made reference to them when I asked for mediation. That person acted as if that didn't happen. Tried to contact them as they invited in the e-mail and no response what so ever
May 15, 2016
It would probably be helpful to the forum for you to actually state how hold your phone is, and not that you "thought for a moment that the phones were paid for". If your phone is not paid for, they will not credit you, and it is hard to imagine that a phone rep said that they would, or that a phone rep made a recommendation for you to dispute this with your credit card company.