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Dec 17, 2018
Okay, but that still doesn't explain why she needed to open a Venmo account being that her husband already had one opened with Wells Fargo, their joint account, already added. Maybe I'm missing an important clue, but her involvement just seemed to complicate trying to get money from his business account to their joint account.
Because I don't believe that you can transfer money from yourself to yourself. It sounds like he had two bank accounts on ONE Venmo account. So he had to send the money from the Community National account TO someone... and I'm assuming that someone could NOT be him. Like... I have two debit cards on my Venmo account because my older card was shut off for fraud and I just haven't removed it. I can send money to someone else... but I can't send money from one of my debit card numbers to the other. I have to send it to a person. She shouldn't have tried to add the bank account... she should've put her debit card info instead and that would've solved the problem.
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