Unseen Damage - Enterprise

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May 14, 2019
I'm looking for some help with a dispute I'm having with Enterprise in the UK. I rented a van (2.7m tall, 6.7m long) for 3 days. During the walk round there was no apparent damage. The day before I was due to return it I noticed a dent in the roof panel which was the length of the vehicle looking like it's been driven into something it was too tall to pass under. I only saw it as I was in a flat on the 4th floor looking down on it. The damage could not be seen standing 2 feet away, as was the case when we were doing the walk round. Upon returning the van (which was a different depot from where it was collected) I pointed out the damage.

Enterprise are trying to get the CCTV from the collection depot but have said this my be inconclusive. My argument is that myself (5ft 6" tall) and the assistant (approx the same height) couldn't see the damage was there before I drove it away. I am adamant I did not cause the damage. As I didn't pay the £90 for the lower excess I am possibly facing a charge of £1500.

I am currently in discussion with the area manager, but was looking for some advice on what to do next.