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Jun 28, 2019
Domestic flights are a little different because in many cases those flights are going to fly, because there are people that have to work, they are flying supplies and they may be flying first line responders back and forth.

You have to decide if they are offering waivers now if it’s worth canceling for a credit and no cancellation fees or waiting until up to the day before to see if they cancel.
OK, thanks everyone for your very helpful comments!


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
How long do we wait until we have to blink and cancel? I have a flight from PDX to RDU on Thursday 4/30 that I booked in Feb. It is still not cancelled. Who knows, they might even fly. If I wait too long without acting then I guess I lose everything. At some point I have to do something. I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks.
Normally, I'd say that you should wait until 24 hours before the flight if you have to cancel yourself. But a glitch in the airline's computers/website could make that problematic. I think I'd wait until 3 days out to cancel. There are no penalties now, and having a voucher instead of a refund is not the end of the world. Think how you are "helping" the airline avoid a cash drain by taking a voucher. I'd be looking at that res about every other day.
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