United flight change

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May 14, 2020
First time user, hoping for some assistance.
I have a flight booked with United.
Departure Sat 05 September 20 at 9.30am Sydney Australia
Arrival Sat 05 September 20 at 6.05am Los Angeles, CA

United have now changed this flight to:

Depart Sydney on Sat 05 September at 10.30am and fly to San Francisco arriving 7.10am.
Then depart San Francisco at 9.30am arriving at Los Angeles at 11.07am.

I also have another flight on the same ticket from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

Because of the change in schedule would I be eligible for a full refund?
Or will I need to take their 24month credit that they are offering at the moment?
With travel restrictions, flying at this time isn’t an option.

I booked my flights with a travel agent.
They contacted me last month and again yesterday to let me know about the 24month credit option United have at the moment. They told me a while ago if I want to cancel my flights it would cost $3124 in cancellation fees. I paid $5304 for the 6 tickets.

The travel agent hasn’t notified me of the flight schedule change at all, I looked it up myself this morning.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Have you told your TA that you don't want to take the flight under the new schedule? Your TA should be able to answer all your questions. But the high cancellation fees quoted don't make sense, so I think maybe you should take care of this yourself.

I advise you to study United's website to see what the rules are. Today's rules, for example, say that if United cancels the flight, you will automatically receive a full refund. If you cancel the flight, you are eligible for a credit. Things are moving so fast that it's impossible to give a blanket answer these days. Every tix is an individual research project. Flights scheduled for more than a week from now are subject to changes, big changes. Everything depends on the details. And the restrictions of course; nobody wants to wear a mask on a long flight, so that will affect scheduling. I have a flight SFO-New York 9/7, and I won't count on the itinerary until we're checked in and waiting to board the plane. I know we'll get there, but how and when are subject to last-minute changes. If you have specific questions after you absorb UA's rules, please come back and we can help.
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