Trip cancelled by Rocky Mountaineer No Refunds given

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Jun 24, 2019
We booked RM a few years back, and that was in full knowledge that when things go wrong, RM does not come through. If you look at Trip Advisor or sites like that you will see reports of RM’s refusal to provide any credit or refund for trains that have broken down. We could not collect from a credit card dispute because we were outside of the 60 day window. The credit card travel insurance ultimately rejected our claim. Eventually, my wife persisted and RM wrote a small check, and our TA gave us a credit.

You should contact your credit card company. You might be outside of the time limits, but let the credit card company say so.

Check to see if you have travel insurance On that credit card.

Keep after RM. I found them to be, to put it politely, untruthful. But eventually we got something.
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I've never heard of a class action suit that resulted in anything ... other than generating lots of attorneys' fees. But you may be eligible for a CC dispute. Send RM a polite, concise email asking for a refund. Wait two weeks and send it again. If no response, contact your CC company ... sometimes a strong credit card issuer will back its clients. It's worth a try, because it surely sounds like RM is very lacking in the customer service department.
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Jun 18, 2020
The web page:,4998048 states:

"Rocky Mountaineer is as much of a travel agency as it is a tour train operator. Their policy seems to be to offer a travel voucher for future travel rather than a refund. Also, as the effects of the pandemic unfold, they have been cancelling trips later and later into 2020. In the midst of this, the suspension of service over a portion of CN's former BC Rail route came about suddenly after Rocky Mountaineer had made bookings for the season for that route.

It is not just Rocky Mountaineer guests who are getting this treatment, Sunwing Vacations is a major tour operator and charter airline, and both Air Canada and Westjet operate subsidiary travel companies.

Travel advocacy groups are contemplating a class action lawsuit, but for now, thousands of travellers are out a lot of money at a time they need it."

Of course it doesn't identify which "travel advocacy groups" might be "contemplating" this. Would be nice to know.

Another posting on this web page states that VIA Rail is offering refunds for cancelled trips, so refund refusal is not industry standard treatment.

I think that folks who have been affected by this fraudulent action should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver, BC. RM should not escape this swindle with their reputation intact.