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May 3, 2020
We scheduled one way flights through Travelocity for our four family members as we move to Texas from Washington. After COVID hit, and with flexible work schedules, we were able to bump up our move from June 13 to May 30. Our plans changed because we were going to Tahoe for a mini vacation before getting to Texas. COVID made us decide to go straight to Texas instead. We tried contacting Travelocity customer service via phone (no luck), online to cancel directly (not offered), or online charge (bots send us in a circular discussion).

We used the link provided by Travelocity to cancel a flight, it canceled one (Reno to College Station) of our two one way flights. But it left one (Seattle to Reno) and when we try to cancel the remaining one it says we can’t because we have two one way tickets. Alaska Airlines said they can’t help.

We tried the online Change Reservation option but it ultimately recommended that we contact customer service to rebook. We can’t get through to a person because our flight isn’t in the next 72 hours or 10 days. In fact our new desired flight (May 30) is before our original and current flight (June 13).

We know what flight we would like to change to, but all we need is to talk to a real customer rep from Travelocity to book the 6AM flight from SEA to CLL on May 30 in place of our SEA to RNO on June 13.

please help - we don’t want to come out of pocket for more flights!