Travelocity booked hotel refused to refund the last night even though there would be no transportation to airport in time for next day flight to US.

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Jun 4, 2018
My wife and I ended a cruise in Copenhagen and stayed on for an additional 3 days. We had made reservations at the Scandic Palace through Travelocity . The day before we were scheduled to depart for home, we discovered (not from the hotel) that there was to be a Marathon in that part of the city, stopping all traffic for the morning and we went to the hotel desk to find out if it was true that we were going to have trouble getting transportation to the airport at 11am the next day. They called the taxi cos. and could not guarantee a ride to the airport even as early as 5:30am. The only alternative they gave us was to walk an undetermined distance to the train station. This was impossible for me since we had 5 bags, including
heavy baggage for the 21 days we were away and I am 85 yrs old, with a new hip and I and my wife are unable to have accomplished that. We asked to cancel our stay and receive a refund for that one night ($416.56USD) so we could to an airport hotel. He denied us a refund due to the fact that we had made the reservation with Travelocity and not directly with the hotel and "we needed to deal with them". To avoid the possibility of missing our complicated transatlantic flight home, with changes in Iceland and Boston, we had no choice but to eventually ask the desk clerk to recommend an airport hotel, which he did. He even made the reservation for us. To sum this up; the airport hotel cost us an additional $332.50 USD for the same night so, to put our heads on a pillow, not sleep on a seat in the airport and still make our flight, that night cost us a total of $749.06.
I contacted Travelocity and they did contact the hotel who came back with a no-refund answer stating the hotel had no record of any complaint. I contacted Travelocity again and requested they send another refund request along with more evidence they knew, a Palace Hotel business card with the name of the desk clerk and the bill for the airport hotel as proof. I have heard nothing in the past two weeks. What can you suggest I do to go further?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
We have company contacts on top of our pages. Please read the information on how to write and escalate your complaint up the chain to Travelocity.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a good outcome here. The hotel most likely was not able to fill you room without you no notice with you leaving at he last minute so a refund might not be possible.

Travelocity can’t refund you if the hotel will not provide the refund. What was the hotel policy on your reservation for leaving early? Did they allow refunds?

We’ve seen quite a few things like this happening when you hotels when booking through an OTA. They aren’t giving some clients perks, upgrades or consideration for refunds if you don’t book directly.
Sep 19, 2015
Oh my, what an unpleasant surprise.. What time did you check out? The problem is as Neil said is that there was a middleman, and the room likely went empty.
Jul 27, 2016
I don't see the issue here being the fact this was booked through a travel agent. If they had booked directly with the hotel the same problem would have arisen. The hotel isn't obliged to waive a non-refundable policy because of circumstances that (a) are truly beyond their control, and (b) which don't interfere with the service offering of the hotel itself.