TAP Portugal Cancelled return flight without replacement

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Aug 25, 2017
Hi! I am a college student studying abroad in France next semester and I leave on September 1. I booked a round trip flight through Travelocity on TAP Portugal in March and was then notified from Travelocity in June that TAP cancelled my flight home and that there isn't a replacement flight. I have since called Travelocity numerous times throughout the past two months, only to be put on hold and told after 30 minutes that they must contact TAP to arrange any schedule changes. However, TAP doesn't respond and I am left in the same place each and every time. Not sure what else I can do as I'm leaving in a week and I have experienced some of the worst customer service from both Travelocity and TAP.


Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
Find a suitable replacement flight or two and contact TAP directly to be accommodated on that flight. It is standard industry practice that the travel agent handle these issues but with so little time between between now and your departure, you need to self-advocate for a solution. Clearly, travelocity is dropping the ball.

Contact TAP customer service both by phone and email. If you do not receive an immediate response, use the Company Contact link at the top of the page to find email addresses for the execs of travelocity to see if they will assist you. Write to one at a time, giving them time for a reply.

Next time, book directly with the airline or use a reputable travel agent. Online travel agencies are nothing but booking machines, it is rare they assist their customers when things go wrong.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
TAP may not talk to you because you booked with Travelocity. The gnome should be assisting. Did you receive a refund for the canceled flight?

If you did, then take Patinas advice and find a return flight that works. It might not be TAP, you might have to book another airline.

We have contacts for TAP

And Travelocity


You don't have time to write but use our phone numbers and start calling.

Are you absolutely sure your outgoing flight is confirmed? When is your return?
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Feb 9, 2016
Thus happened in June, it's the end of August, you expect to fly home in 6 days and you still haven't booked a replacement flight?
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
OK, MoP, here's how I see your situation ... a few answers, please. 1) Did TAP stop serving your city pairs all together? 2) Did you get a refund of your cancelled return tix? 3) Have you reconfirmed your outbound flight both online and directly with TAP by phone? Travelocity (no matter what their ads promise) is an 'order taker' or online booking agency. They perform very little travel agent service. These online guys spend millions on advertising, and much of the travel they book goes just fine, but when there's a problem, you're caught between them and the airline. As you are experiencing, they have almost no customer service.

You have a semester to solve this problem. Your job is to confirm the cancellation. Who has your money? Who else flies where you want to go? If you've already received a refund, I'd advise booking direct with that airline. Use the OBA to research all your options. If you have not been refunded, then you'll have to go after Travelocity to refund or rebook you.

The longer you wait to purchase that return tix, the higher fares may become, so getting this taken care of soon is a priority. If you have to deal with Travelocity, as you have discovered, best to stay off the phone and handle this via email. Please come back to us with a status update and we can give you more detailed guidance. Don't panic, this can be handled one way or the other, we just need to know exactly where you stand.