Statute of Limitation for rental car damage claim?

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Jul 24, 2018
Good day. My name is Jae and I finally arrived here, searching for the answer on "how long does it take before rental car company bill you" for a reported paint scratch.

My family took a week long vacation early February, 2018 in Orlando. I rented a vehicle from Hertz. They provided me with a 50 miles ran brand new vehicle. I checked all around the vehicle and indeed it was a brand new vehicle without any damage. During our vacation, the vehicle was parked at the Disney Springs while our short lunch break. We parked at the designated Disney Springs parking garage and when we came back from our lunch, rear passenger side bumper was scratched by someone. No memo, no camera, no nothing. Fortunately, I had a rental vehicle collision coverage through my credit card. Once arrived b back at the hotel, I immediately called my credit card company, which redirected me to Allianz to get my claim started. When I returned the vehicle on February 14th at the Hertz, I reported what happened and provided them with claim number. All paper work received from the inspector.

As you probably know, credit card company related insurance company gives you 100 days to process the claim. Allianz requested repair bill, other related bills, pictures, and etc to further process the claim. In order to properly process the claim, I first waited for Hertz to provide me with bills and documents. Hertz did not contact me neither through provided email nor two different phone numbers I wrote on a report/final inspection sheet (which also includes Allianz claim number). After 60 days, I contacted Hertz and asked for bills and quotes. Representative from Hertz told me if I made a report and claims, Hertz will be in contact. I let them know I only have 40 days to process this claim. But representative from Hertz didn't seem to care too much. I called Allianz and let them know of delay caused by Hertz. Allianz notified me that without proper documents, they cannot process further. I asked Allianz if they were contacted by Hertz and they replied Hertz never contacted them.

It's been almost 160 days since my claim and that's 60 days past my Allianz claim has been closed due to delay from Hertz. I still did not get any contact from Hertz.

I am quite stressed if they are now going to come after me, after my claim through Allianz has been closed for couple of months, for the paint scratches that I reported almost 6 months ago. If they do, what choices do I have? I want to visit south again and need to rent a car but scared & stressed to do so.

If you can shine a light on this topic, it would be greatly appreciated. I tried to attach my initial claim paper for Hertz but it says file is too large. If you have had the same experience, please let me know.

Thank you
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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I agree with Neil ... and I would also send a letter containing a timeline to Allianz to protect yourself. Allianz has their little schedule, but you should not be penalized if Hertz won't cooperate with that schedule. Hertz probably doesn't want to deal with Allianz (they're not as much fun to push around as the customer is) and will drop the whole subject, but you can't be sure, so you have to be pro-active. Rental car companies are a strange bunch; they make the airlines look well managed.