Refund from Carnival - Policies say "NO REFUNDS"

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Jun 27, 2017
@ImGeurcute started her post saying that she already had contacted ALL (Carnival) executives, including CEO Arnold Donald, guest administration, guest care services, customer service relations, corporate, and her bank. Either no one responded or they responded with a "Sorry, no refund."

It is a sad story repeated daily with people who don't travel often. Airlines and cruise lines repeatedly tell you the name you use to book MUST match your valid IDs, but people either don't see that requirement or they ignore it.

How she was allowed to board 3 years earlier with the same documentation posted above is a mystery. It's interesting that she called Carnival to make sure her documents were still OK to use. Did she suspect they might not be this time? And did the Carnival rep (Penny?) actually giver her wrong info or did #ImGeurcute hear incorrectly? We'll probably never know.

@ImGeurcute did say she was 68-years-old and suffers from medical depression. She wants a refund and came here expecting the Elliott team could get her one. Miracles happen, but probably not this time.