Refund for airline cancelled flight

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May 2, 2020
I had an original United Air reservation for 4 tickets which I purchased on 9/19/19.

UA1231 HNL 7:00am – LAX 3:32pm 5/12/20
UA9013 LAX 5:20pm – MUC 1:35pm arrive 5/13/20
UA9013 MUC 3:30pm – ARN 5:40pm 5/13/20

UA9029 CPH 9:40am – FRA 11:10 am 5/23/20
UA59 FRA 1:35pm – SFO 4:10pm 5/23/20
UA1670 SFO 7:20pm – HNL 9:59pm 5/23/20

On 4/21/20 the above flights were cancelled so I applied online for a refund (tracking numbers 2xxxxxxx, 2xxxxxxx, 2xxxxxxx, 3xxxxxxx. I called United reservations customer service on 4/29/20 and was told that my request was not reviewed yet.

When I checked online today, 5/1/20, the website shows a highly modified itinerary that only goes as far as Munich and arrives 5/14/20 and will arrive back in Honolulu on a day later on 5/24/20.

1. When should United make a decision on my refund request?

2. I don’t want to cancel my flights because then United will only offer me a travel certificate. The DOT regulations state that the airline should refund my tickets because United cancelled my flights and then offered an itinerary that has changed by more than 6 hours.

Please advise me as to my next steps. Thank you.

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