Price drop on airfare

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Aug 19, 2018
My wife and I are going to be flying Spirit Airlines from Newark to Myrtle Beach on 9/1/18. In March of this year I booked our RT flights for $553.16. That included 1 checked bag. We did not purchase seats, choosing instead to get them assigned at check in. On Thursday 8/16, out of curiosity, I went on-line to see if the fare had changed at all.. Well, it sure had. The new fare was now $276.38 RT. A difference of $276.78. I called the airline and spoke to three different customer service reps and was told in no uncertain terms that they would not refund the difference. Had the fare dropped by $50 or even $100 I would have been upset, but would have lived with it. This fare was 1/2 of what I paid in March. This just seems to be so unfair, and a very poor customer service experience.

I have already sent a very polite and professional email to the contact from your website. Heather Harvey is the individual that it went to. I will wait to hopefully hear from her within the next 7 days or so, but wanted to reach out to you in the meantime. Incidentally, I even offered to accept a refund of 1/2 the difference when speaking with customer service to no avail. Thank you


Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Once you book your air- stop looking at prices if you buy a non refundable fare. All airlines sell refundable fares that you can do this with. With nonrefundable- nope.

Most airlines don’t just apply a price drop anymore, you have to cancel your existing ticket, pay a cancellation fee and repurchase new tickets at the new fare. JetBlue and SW are one of the few that assist after you pay a fee to do doing but most airlines don’t, especially a discount fee based airline like Spirit.

Also, Spirit will only give you a credit for the difference that has to be used within 60 days. So it’s pretty useless unless you fly a lot.

Here is their policy on changes and you can check the fees:

Its $90 if you change it online, $100 over the phone. I would highly recommend you do this over the phone and pay the extra $10 so you are aware of any other fees they might have such as new seat assignments, etc.

In the future the only way to avoid this is to buy refundable tickets which cost a lot more.
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Sep 19, 2015
One buys a non refundable ticket at a certain time and decides the price is acceptable. Prices change on demand and supply.

If the airfare went up would you be happy if the airline went back to you for more money?

That is not unfair. You could have waited and monitored the price. It is not poor customer service — asking for the benefit of a fully refundable fare while not paying the cost of is unfair.

You can as Neil pointed out cancel the ticket and pay the fee and rebook the tickets.
Nov 21, 2014
Think about this...would you be in favor of Spirit (or any other airline) coming back and telling you “the price is now double what you paid”...please pay us the difference? Like Neil and move on. I’m relieved to know as a rule, my fare is good and only hope my flights are on time and not cancelled.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Sounds like you will be able to pay a small fee to cancel and rebook at the new fare, Mike. Other airlines charge upwards of $200 to do that. Good thing you caught this and can benefit from the lower fare.
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