PayPal Banned me for NO reason given

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Apr 28, 2020

So I was using PayPal to hold our money from our tax returns and pay checks because we are moving. This is a good sum of money and one that we were excited to use to start our life with. Finally we could buy our children things we cant usually afford as well as move to a nicer place because our current lease is up. We had everything ready to go for moving and all we had to do with sign the leases and pay deposits.

The other day we noticed that we couldnt send money from our account to my husbands card nor could we send to our daughter, both with paypal accounts and both several years old. So we contacted the "customer service" thru their messaging system because their phone lines are always closed. The first person wouldnt give me any straight answer, wouldnt tell me if the restriction had the normal 24-72 hour hold that I have had to go thru prior, instead he just offered the same canned responses they seem to have on cut and paste...

Next day (Friday) we still couldnt do anything. Nothing on paypal saying anything, so we again reached out thru messenger. Same basic responses and no comment on why and when this would lift. So we waited again... At this time we now have to contact our new landlord and tell them that we have to push the move in date back and sign the lease and deposits then....

Next day (Saturday), now we are pretty upset... we again reached out thru messenger... (now mind you we have also tried the phone lines which one of the people prior stated "It will say its closed but thats because of the high volume of calls so just keep trying)... and this time the person stated we could "send to store" but make sure your AT the store to try it. This option was like pulling teeth to get him to offer as we had no idea it existed... So we drove to WalMart and tried the option... it wouldnt allow us. Came up with some error that gave us the impression that it was a website error and NOT that we were about ready to lose everything.... Now at this point the contact we have had with PayPal offering different options such as transferring to a bank which we dont have, sending to store, and waiting until the next day.... these are all options they KNEW wouldnt work but offered anyway so we would move on from them.

Next day (Sunday) we got a list on Paypal that asked to upload a photo ID, utility bill, bank statement (which we dont have a bank and thats why we were using this PayPal option), and something else which I forgot.... We uploaded thinking that this would be solved. We would be able to sign the papers to our new place on Tuesday.

Next day (Monday) I log in to make sure that the documents went thru and BOOM... BANNED!!! No response, no way to contact as they took the messenger option off... nothing.... Just a large red exclamation point and a bunch of BS about their "security" and making it seem like we were the problem... Oh and the nice "we will hold your funds for 180 days"... Obviously we started trying to call and email thru their "resolution center". Twitter DMs went unanswered, the emails only came back as more form emails...

Finally somebody (thru emails to the resolution center) gave an option for refunding the people who added money to my account which would be my husband and daughter... we went to bed, after having a stressful day, thinking this would work... only to wake up to another form email not even mentioning the prior offer to refund the payments....

So PayPal now sits behind their forms and policy even though no proof has been offered as to why this account was banned. An account with transactions of only a couple people... a account linked to their prepaid card... an account with ALL of our money in it... We CANNOT move and will be homeless soon because we dont have any money to pay deposits like we thought.... We CANNOT buy groceries right now... we CANNOT do anything because PayPal choose to ban my account for NO reason whatsoever...

All I want is my money to be given back either refunded or my account lifted so i can get my money. I dont have vendors so there should be no reason for the 180 days... Im begging for this to be resolved or we are out on the street and this is no exaggeration.....
Apr 27, 2018
Can I ask a question, why would you use paypal rather then a bank? I don't get what the advantage would be.
Apr 28, 2020
I couldnt get a bank account... and my daughter had one and my husband so it was easy to move money between us... this was mostly used to save money so nothing was attached to it... no bills, no subscriptions, nothing

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Here are our company contacts for PayPal (click on the name)

Here is how to write- follow this exactly as it advises.

Jul 13, 2016
I am sorry to say, but this is not going to be resolved quickly. Paypal is not a bank. It was never meant to be used to hold money. It was meant to securely pay entities or company without giving them your financial information. So many of the sad stories we see here concern people that use Paypal in lieu of a real bank account. You need to write a much shorter letter to the contacts Neil pointed out.

Keep it very short--you want someone to read it and not toss it aside because it is too long. Just your name, contact info, your Paypal account number, and current status (closed/frozen). They will most likely not tell you why you have been banned, but do ask them if they could release the money, or a portion of it. Calmly inform them that this is your only money and you need it back as soon as possible to pay bills and buy food.

My name is XXX. You can reach me at XXX email XXX
My Paypal account # XXX is frozen and apparently I have been banned--I don't know why.
I do understand that you can hold my funds for up to 180 days, but I am hoping for a quicker release. I am not a seller of goods, so there will be no possible claims against me. Furthermore, this is my only money and it is needed for rent and groceries.
I hope you can help me. Please contact me for if you have questions or need further details.