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One Ocean Expeditions Possible Insolvency

Nov 4, 2019
We have booked and fully paid an Antarctica cruise in Feb 2020. The travel agency is Swoop out of the UK and the cruise company is One Ocean Expeditions out of Canada. Several months ago we purchased travel insurance. It appears that One Ocean may declare insolvency in the next few days (it is all over the internet and Swoop informed us of the possibility as well). Our insurance covers "Bankruptcy and/or Default of Your Travel Supplier that occurs more than 14 days following Your Effective Date. Coverage is not provided for the Bankruptcy or Default of the agency from whom You purchased Your Land/Sea Arrangements." The insurance defines the "Travel Supplier" as "tour operator, participating organization, cruise line, airline, hotel, travel agency, etc. who has made the land, air and/or sea arrangements". It defines "land/sea arrangements as ""pre-paid land and/or sea arrangements made by the Travel Supplier".

My questions:
1. Will our insurance cover us if One Ocean Expeditions declares insolvency?
2. If our insurance does not cover us, can I still buy insurance? Or is it too late since insolvency is now probable?

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
It is too late to buy insurance now. If you bought your policy before the cruise line had financial problems and you didn’t buy the policy from One Ocean and they offer coverage for insolvency, you should be ok. If the insurance is from One Ocean- then you might have a problem.

But if they do file, the first thing you should do is call your credit card company because they may be able to do a chargeback and you might not have to file anything.

Otherwise, the insurance company is the one to ask this question because we aren’t underwriters nor do we have access to the full terms of the policy. Don’t be afraid to call and ask.
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