Not informed of second flight schedule change

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Aug 7, 2017
My go-to airline is typically Southwest, but for a trip I am taking later this month it wasn't an option so I booked my flights on Delta through the Delta website. I purchased the tickets in mid-July. On August 25th I got an email informing me of a change in my itinerary. When I looked at the changes, it only amounted to a few minutes and different flight numbers so I didn't think much of it.

With my trip coming up in a few weeks, yesterday I decided to verify the info in the August 25th email by clicking on the "manage my reservation" link in it. It brings up yet another itinerary for my return flight that has me leaving 90 minutes earlier than the ticket I purchased, even though I was never informed of this second change. In the whole scheme of travel problems, this is minor stuff I know, but it's irritating (if I had wanted to leave at that time, I would have bought my ticket accordingly) AND I am now concerned that if there are further changes made between now and then, I won't know. When I called Delta, they could not explain why I didn't receive the second change notification--all they could do was re-send my itinerary showing the changes, which they did.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
Apr 4, 2017
What you have experienced is unfortunately the normal with Delta schedule changes. I fly Delta at least 4 times a year and only receive schedule change notifications for about half of the schedule changes. What I would recommend is to monitor your reservation at least weekly, Delta does most of their schedule changes on Saturday nights. I always set a reminder to check any active reservations every Monday.

I would also check and if there was a better timed Delta flight than the one 90 minutes earlier and if there is call Delta and ask to be changed. They are usually very good with these requests as long as they are reasonable.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
I agree with Jade- same experience and I fly Delta almost exclusively. And ditto about looking to see if they have another flight.

Unfortunately, when you book flights early you can pretty much guarantee that those flights are going to change. I’ve had Delta flights change from direct flights to connecting- I hope that doesn’t happen to you but if it does you can ask for a full refund and book on another airline.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
As mentioned, travellers today MUST check their reservations at least monthly, weekly the last month and daily the last week. If there are any major changes, you need to be warned so you have a good chance of getting flights close to what you originally booked. Same with hotels; if the hotel is sold or closed, you'll probably not receive any info. Never assume anyone will give you any notice ... the internet is not your friend!
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Aug 7, 2017
Thanks so much! This is just what I needed to know. In my experience, such schedule changes are rare with Southwest so it's something I'm not accustomed to giving much thought. I appreciate everyone's time in responding and Chris for making this opportunity available. Have a nice weekend!