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Mar 13, 2017

I booked a vacation package last year from Expedia for a trip to Puerto Rico. After the booking was made, one of our fellow travelers found out that she was pregnant. At the same time, Zika virus was spreading in the Puerto Rico region and Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued an advisory for pregnant women to not travel to Puerto Rico. For the same reason, we had to cancel the trip. The hotel owner was a real gentlemen & after understanding our situation gave us full refund. Expedia was not giving us full refund for the airline and passing on the blame to airlines (JETBLUE) in this case. I ended up spending hours and hours on conference calls with Expedia and Jetblue customer service reps to explain the situation, but to no avail. After several follow-up calls and no action, I had to settle with keeping the travel credits for use within a year.
Few days later - Jetblue issued a notice on their website stating that all passengers who had to cancel their flights due to Zika virus are entitled for a full money refund. By this time some travelers in the original booking had forced themselves to use part of the travel credits given to them
I called up Expedia again for the money refund against the travel credits. But no one is ready to help. I have called them several times in the last 1 year. Every time I call them, I have to be on call for several hours without any resolution to my issue. Now even the 1 year window to avail the use of travel credits is expiring but still no success.
Even if we want to use the travel credits now, there is no way I am able to reach the customer service agents because the customer service helpline is useless. No one picks up the call even after waiting for an hour or so on the call.
This is the most unprofessional behavior I have ever witnessed in my entire life. Firstly they wont solve your problem and now there is no way you can even talk to anyone. I am helpless.

Carol Phillips

Staff Member
Dec 28, 2014
Coastal South Carolina
Please retire your phone and start sending email messages to the Company Contacts, as @Neil suggested. Expedia is here: http://elliott.org/company-contacts/expedia/

Begin with the customer service emails, allow a week for reply, and then escalate to the first executive on the list. Continue on up the ladder as/if needed.

Not sure of the dates of your original cancellation, but since it was last year and the travel credits were good for one year, I'd think time is of the essence here.

Expedia also has an active Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/expedia/ with messaging capability. I'd do that immediately.

Experience has shown us that the best results seem to come from short, polite requests which clearly list the situation and the desired outcome. Bullet points are effective.

Please let us know what transpires.
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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Are your travel credits directly with JetBlue? If so, don't go near Expedia again. They are hopeless with customer service on a case like this. Had your cancellation been after JetBlue made the announcement, it probably would have been OK. But nobody needs to step up here "legally", so they're not going to.

I'm sorry your plans were ruined, but I'm sure the mother-to-be is glad y'all found about the virus before you travelled there. In the future, don't use an Online Booking Agent for anything, it's never worth it if there are problems, as you now know so well.

You should certainly be able to book a new trip online using your travel credits. IF they're from JetBlue. If Expedia issued them, I'd just throw 'em out.