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Norwegian cruise line Flight extremely short layover times


Verified Member
Nov 21, 2014
If you are flying in the day of the cruise are you prepared to miss your ship? When does your ship sail, what time is the last time to board (this is 2 or 3 hrs prior to sailing) the passenger list is closed and no further passengers can board the ship, no exceptions.
What time does your flight land? This is the flight that I believe you have a real chance of missing.
If you could supply dates and flt numbers we can look at the entire picture correctly.


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Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
Thanks, everyone, for your replies and advice. We have always booked our own flights and never leave the day of a cruise. We were under the erroneous assumption that if we booked through the cruise line, they would see to it that we would get to our cruise. After we received our tickets, we were made aware that NCL accepts no responsibility for delays. We were not aware of the ability to request a deviation until after we were ticketed. Our travel agent tried once and got the same answer we got from many NCL agents – we could pay $150 per person to cancel the flight and rebook, plus the difference in cost of the flight. NCL - we’ve spoken with several agents - refused to assist in any way and were frustratingly indifferent about this whole situation. We were refused a request to speak to a supervisor. They told us to be sure we had insurance, and stated that we shouldn’t be worried about “hypotheticals” in the same breath. American Airlines has been wonderful, trying to walk us through getting NCL to request a waiver, but NCL wouldn’t budge. Thank heavens that someone at American Airlines finally took pity (our fifth call) this morning and gave us a flight, with a 46 minute connecting time. If we miss the connection, there are a couple other options, since it is an earlier flight.
Well, blow me down. AMERICAN changed your flights? Without a fee? Wonderful news, and as long as there are some options, you should be good.

As an aside, your TA didn't step up and fix this, it should never have happened in the first place. You should have been briefed on all the terms of the deal from NCL. Please look for another, one who is a cruise specialist. A TA who allows the client to blindly accept bad flights isn't what you need.

I'm glad all things are looking good. I booked a Rome to Rome cruise with this promotion ... I'm very happy with "my deal". I was leery about NCL, but one of my fellow advocates has cruised with them often so I was comforted. NCL would have to really mess things up to rile us with the great promotional deal we booked. But I wouldn't have let NCL touch the air arrangements, free or not. I have two trips coming up with air bought through the cruise line; Avalon and Viking. First time ever, they booked exactly what I wanted ... but I'm checking those reservations VERY often!
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