No Success Being Compensated for Protected Ticket Change

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Apr 27, 2020
On 3/16, American Airlines canceled my return flight to the US, transferred me to another airline that they partnered with, gave me a locator number for the new ticket and assured me that there would be no price difference. The other airline, Latam, said there was no ticket for me under the locator number and my only recourse (from a Latam supervisor at the airport) was to buy a one way economy ticket for $4729.75 or stay in Chile indefinitely since Latam was now the only carrier flying to the US. I bought the ticket because I had no other options since AA had shut down their office in Chile and I could not get thru to AA by phone.

Once back in the US, I immediately filed a claim with AA and with Latam. Latam closed the claim without compensation. AA airline closed the claim with a $600.85 refund which was appealed to customer relations because I was told by an AA customer service rep that there was a note on my original locator file stating that the Latam flight that they were booking me on was price protected.

Today a a rep from AA customer relations called and said that they were denying any further compensation and that there was no other avenue of recourse for this matter.

Do you have any suggestions or help that you can give on this situation.

Thank you.

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Here are our company contacts for American:

This is how to write:

This is the second complaint we’ve received about AA reissuing tickets incorrectly.

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Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I'm sorry that I missed this when you first posted. What a revolting situation! I'm so glad you had the resources to buy that expensive tix and come home. It will get squared away as long as you don't give up. Be polite, patient and persistent. Triple that advice in today's awful environment. Boil down your story and just hammer away in writing ... your job is to make someone at AA read your narrative, understand what happened, and want to help you. Best of luck and please let us know the outcome.