Need refund - I'm a health care worker and i am needed AND my grand daughter has epilepsy

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May 24, 2020
In February 2020, I bought 4 plane tickets for myself, daughter and 2 young grandchildren to vacation in florida in june. I apparently missed the deadline for "no cancellation fees" which ended april 31. when I called today they want to charge $79 per ticket cancellation fee, plus then I only get a voucher that needs to be scheduled within 90 days and to be used within a year. I am a health care professional and we are too busy for me to take off. Add to that, the most important concern of all: my 8 year old grand daughter has epilepsy. Less than a year ago she was hospitalized for a week with uncontrolled seizures. Her seizures are still not under control, although we were hoping they would by this time with changes in medication. It is not safe for her/us to take this vacation to a city in Florida. If something went wrong and she needed hospitaliztion, no one could go in with her. It would be a tragic crisis for her. I called today and was told I could appeal and i plan to. What I need is a full refund. Can someone help? I am working on getting a letter from my grand daughter's epilepsy doctor confirming it is not safe for her to fly. I hope with that, they will give me a full refund.

What's your desired resolution? full refund with no cancellation fees $1461.91

Neil Maley

Staff Member
Dec 27, 2014
New York
Did you purchase travel insurance that would cover your flights if you have to work?

Unfortunately, you aren’t due a refund- you had 24 hours to cancel from the time you purchased to receive a refund.

You can write to Frontier and ask for an exception to be made but Frontier is not usually one that would provide refunds.

I would not mention your grand daughters epilepsy because the first thing they will question is why you booked tickets in the first place if she is not well enough to travel.

Concentrate on you being in the health care field and being unable to travel. They would be more sympathetic to that reason for a refund.

You can obtain Frontiers email from our company contacts page. This is how you should write:

Good luck, let us know how you make out.
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Jul 13, 2016
I agree with Neil. Keep to the fact that you are an essential health care worker and cannot take off work right now. These customer service people have seen all kinds of excuses/reasons why someone should be granted an exception to the refund policy. A lot of people think that if they have more than one reason, it makes their case stronger. It really doesn't and it makes the service rep wonder how much of the sob story is real.
Also, keep the letter short. Give your contact details, the record locator for your tickets, and the date of flights. Acknowledge that you are asking for an exception and what resolution you want.
Good luck!
May 30, 2019
+1: Be sure to use the term "essential health care worker."

If you share a draft of the appeal request on this forum, people will help with edits to help improve likelihood of success. Just don't post any Personally Identifiable Information.