Need help on getting my refund back

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Verified Member
Dec 22, 2015
I hate to be the bearer of bad are not eligible for a refund. The first agent was correct in that when you purchase a non-refundable ticket, if you do not travel on your original itinerary, you can use the value of the ticket toward a new ticket minus any change fees. Even if the ticket is departing and arriving into/out of the same airports, if you change the date or time of the flights, the ticket will be re-calcuated based on the current fare codes available which may be higher than your original fare price. The fare rules are clearly stated at the time of purchase and should also accompany the receipt you received from Expedia.

The second agent is also correct in that you have the option of a credit to use toward a future flight to be used within one year of the date of purchase. There will be a change fee associated with the change when you use the ticket value. In other words, you pay a change fee at the time the change is made, either by changing the ticket now or at a later date.

Your best bet would be to write to Expedia's customer service (find the email address on their website) asking them to waive the change fee. Be brief, polite and professional. The likelihood of them waiving the fee is slim since it is the airline that charges for the change fee, Expedia just passes the fee through to the customer. Expedia may have an additional change fee that they have the prerogative to waive.

In the future, you may want to consider using a travel agent to book your airline tickets so that they can outline the terms of the ticket you are purchasing. Another suggestion is to book directly with the airline. You are still acting as your own travel agent so need to be aware of the terms of the ticket but, in this case, you would be asking the airline to waive the change fee.

Good luck and let us know your progress!
Jul 27, 2016
Agree with Patina, and I'll add a piece of advice:

When you email Expedia, either remove the complaints about the quality of their customer service reps' English, or have someone edit your email to them, since the post here indicates that your English may not be entirely fluent either.


Verified Member
Dec 26, 2014
San Francisco
I'm sorry this happened to you, but my colleagues are correct. Booking your own travel on the internet is not a simple task.

If you encounter customer service people whose English is hard to understand, don't do business with that company. An online travel agent (OTA) is an order-taker; they deal in high volume to make their business plan work. There is little, if any, customer service available. By the very nature of booking for yourself on the internet, you must accept that you are responsible for your travel plans and be willing to do the research to understand what you're buying.