My mother lost her driver’s license

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Dec 28, 2019
At the SeaTac airport via Delta airlines on December 27th, 2019. If anyone finds it please respond to this. Her name is Kristen Gixxxx. She came from Wyoming to visit and can’t return home without it! We already put in a lost and found claim with the airline. What a huge pain in the axx! Thank you!


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Feb 21, 2018
She will still be able to get home - she will just need to go through extra screening at the airport.

My daughter had her wallet stolen during a trip to Las Vegas, which contained all of her ID information. She arrived at the airport three hours before her flight time and spent an extra 20 minutes or so at TSA security. She went through the full pat-down search and they reviewed all remaining cards/information she had on her identity. Her Costco card is what really helped the most because it had both her name and her photo on it.

Similar situation was experienced by my brother-in-law who lost his ID when flying home from a business trip.

It's not impossible, but you need to plan for extra time and security and realize that they are actually HELPING you get on your flight, not giving yo a hard time about getting through.
Apr 3, 2016
Can she go online, get a new one and at least have a letter that she can print as the replacement? This is one step. Another is the secondary screening listed above. She should bring a copy of the lost and found report as proof it is lost. With it being holiday season and airports being busy, I would suggest she arrive at least 4 hours before the flight. She can go through the process and security and then relax on the other side. Better to be early than miss the flight. The other concern would be if she has a connecting flight and if she needs to go through security at the connecting airport. This could be an issue if her layover time is short.


Dec 26, 2014
You should also file a claim with Seatac airport. Delta can help with items left on board, but for items left in the gate area, or any public space at Seatac use this link:
I have been able to retrieve an article I left at Seatac, it was upstairs in the Mezzanine area (lost and found office) but I filed the online form first which is how they knew how to notify me my item was found.