Marriott's refusal to honor their Ultimate Reservation and Titanium Elite Guarantees and refusal to reply to support requests

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Mar 27, 2018
In February I had a 6-night reservation at the Westin Dallas Galleria confirmed in writing and on a recorded phone reserved into the Presidential Sky Suite for the entirety of my stay. Upon arrival, I was told my presidential suite was sold to someone else and I was placed in a double queen. I asked for the Marriott Ultimate Reservation Guarantee be honored, but the agent had no clue how to go about doing that. She placed me in a double queen while she tried to contact the manager to figure out how to do this. The agent promised to fix my reservation and moved me back into the presidential suite for the remainder of my stay. I should add, I'm a titanium member yet she failed to provide me with lounge access or asked what welcome gift I wanted. Both which Marriott has printed guarantees for with stated compensation for failing to meet the guarantee. The next day when I called the front desk to see when I'd be moved to the presidential suite I was told I was booked in a double queen and my suite had been sold to someone else. I went to the front desk, spoke with the GM, showed him my printed reservation for the presidential suite, as well as plaid a recorded conversation with one of his managers where my reservation for the presidential suite was confirmed. He asked for a few hours and finally got my room back. The following day however around 9 pm the heater went out in the room. They sent engineering up who attempted to fix it. However, around 3 am still without heat I demanded to be moved to another suite. The property was at capacity with no other available rooms so I asked to be walked to another property. I'd been patient enough. The front desk still had no clue how to do this and after arguing with them for a few hours around 6 am I just asked for more blankets and returned to the freezing room to try and get some sleep. This resulted in me oversleeping and missing my morning meetings.

There were, of course, more issues every day with the property but not terribly important. On the 5th day, I'd had enough and asked the property if I just left a day early if I'd be refunded for the last unused day. I was told I would receive a refund, which I verified in writing as well and checked in to a different property. I never received the promised refund and my attempts to have Marriott make good on their written guarantees were all ignored and closed out without ever being contacted.

I finally reached their office of consumer affairs. Originally I got an email response from Emilio asking for the best number to reach me, as he wanted to discuss the botched stay. I replied with the number found in my profile which I repeated to him. Emilio never attempted to call me and failed to respond to all 4 of my email replies. I finally the Marriott consumer affairs dept and spoke with Maria. She assured me she'd have an answer for me in a week, I just needed to give the hotel time to reply. She promised the property would not ignore her and I wouldn't have to keep waiting for a resolution. At this time I'd already opened 6 case files with customer support, which were all closed without a reply. She promised to call me back in a week once she heard from the property. After 2 weeks waiting, I called back in. Maria was not in the office but was told they'd give her a message to call me back. A few weeks later I called in again, to be told Maria was there but not available. I was also told she'd tried to reach me. It seems she made a single phone call but neglected to leave a message which the agent repeated the notes she'd left back to me and thought they were weird. I was told she'd get back to me before the end of the day. A few days later after still not hearing back, I called in again. Maria was still not in the office. The agent proceeded to tell me the case had already been closed out and Maria's note stated she'd discussed the resolution with me. However, I'd never spoken to Maria. But I was told she was the only one I could speak to about this. I was promised she'd call me back the following day. Two days later after still not hearing back I called back in, explained the situation but still told Maria was the only one who could handle this case. I asked to speak to someone in a management or supervisor status in vain as my request was refused. He said all he could do was send Maria an email asking her to call me. He ever refused my request that he cc Maria's direct supervisor. It's been 3 months now, I never received the refund for the unused night, all the guarantees and promises were pointless as Marriott's consumer affairs dept refuses to communicate. I've even tried posting on twitter. The first twitter reply was asking for my info, which they would then forward off to the right department. I got another email from Emilio, stating his office had been trying to get in touch with me ( a lie. ) I replied back reminding him of his previous email and failure to reply and recounted this experience to him. Since he failed to provide any contact information I asked he either call me or provide the best method to contact him directly. It's been 4 days and still no reply.



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Jun 30, 2017
Maui Hawaii
STOP calling; use email.
Start at the first level you have not heard from by email. Do not attach anything to your messages. If you attached any documents to your previous emails they may have been directed to the spam file. Escalate weekly if no/negative response from the last email
You need to make a simple bulleted list of the points and avoid any back and forth about phone calls in your message. Phone calls are a waste of your (and their) time and provide no record of what was said. Do not send an email of your posting above. It will not get read.
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